November 13, 2014

My thoughts on Meghan Trainor 's All About that Bass

Hello beauties,

      Today I am doing a different type of post. I  have been seeing a lot of reviews and opinons via Facebook,  instagram and YouTube regard a little tune called All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. There have been a lot of mixed feeling about it, some people state that it is a song that shames skinny people and some people say yes! ma jam! So, I thought I would share my thoughts.

        As a plus size woman, I know what it's like to be shamed. People are a judgement in this world. Coming from a family where all the girls are on the thinner side, definitely know what it feel like to feel like a black sheep. Also, coming from a European background where if you are thin, your obviously starving yourself and if you are chubby, there a foreign whispers and bloated body gestures. All through elementary school people made fun of me, and I wasn't even that chubby as a child. I was a bit chunkier than average but not fat or obese by any means. So needless to say, I know what it feels like to be fat shamed.
       But what do I think about this tune? Well, the bottom line here is, I love it. I think that it sends a good message for anyone who isn't viewed as ideal. As far as the skinny shaming goes,  I think it is a sick double standard. How many times over the years have people made cruel distinctions about over weight people. Even look at the fashion world, even size 10's are scrutinized! In order to be a plus size model in the high fashion industry, you can't be over a size 16. It's pretty sad really. But in a world where skinny, slim, fit people are glorified, there needs to be a shimmer of hope for those who are not. Woman need to realize that hating who you are isn't going to change the fact that  it is what it is right now. Even if you are planning on losing weight, why not love yourself all the way down rather than wait till your thin to appreciate your body. It's all about loving the skin your in. I have overcome my insecurites over time but there are people who are still battling themselves. Let those have there shining glory. They deserve it just as much as everyone else!

Until next time...


October 27, 2014

Naked 3 Tutorial: Everyday Romantic

Hello Beautiful,

        I finally caved and purchased the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!And I have to tell you, this palette is stunning!!! I will be writing a full review when I have thoroughly tested it, but until then, I came up with a quick and easy everyday tutorial using this palette. 

1- Take the shade Limit and apply all over lids. Focusing on the crease but not limited to it. 
2- Take shade Nooner on a pencil brush and apply to crease creating a 'V' shape on outer corner of lid.
3- Pack Mugshot on top of lid only, focusing on outer part of eye. 
4- Pack Strange on inner lid only. 
5- Taking a pencil brush, apply Nooner to lower lash line.
6- Apply winged liner and mascara to complete look. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this easy everyday eyeshadow look using the Naked 3 palette. 

Until next time...

October 19, 2014

Sunday Night Thoughts: The 'I like all types of girls' guy

Hello Beautiful,

     I am just sitting here on this boring Sunday night, in my self-preserving mask of magnanimity from lush I might add. I thought I would write a post regarding something maybe other ladies can relate to. I have this friend who I have known for about 2 years now and he is older. I will admit that when I first met him, I may have had a little crushy-crush because he seemed super sweet and we got along quite well.

October 17, 2014


Hello Beautiful, 

         Today I am going to give you a super easy and quick recipe for my current toner. When I say the words easy and quick, I mean it. This toner works best for oily or blemish prone skin types. Because it uses tea tree oil it works as an anti-bacterial to help fight new breakout and because it uses witch hazel it helps dry out the skin a bit and helps swelling to subside. 


  • I bottle of witch hazel (I purchased this 473 ml. bottle from Target for a mere $3 CAD)
  • 10 drops of pure 100% Tea Tree Oil (I purchased mine at whole foods for $8 CAD)

 All you need to do it drop 10 drops of tea tree oil in your bottle of witch hazel. Note: If you have extremely sensitive skin, then I suggest diluting this with distilled water.  Give er a shake and voila! You very own homemade toner! I usually apply this with a cotton round after washing my face and follow up with a moisturizer and eye cream. I find this really helps to keep my acne at bay and under control. It is also natural which is also a bonus. I hope you enjoyed this quick post and let me know if you give it a try.

Until Next Time...

October 07, 2014


Hello Beautiful Friends,

          I am back today with a little rant about what's been going on in my life and what is next for me, The Pretty Pauper. I know I do indeed have some loyal readers out there who love what I post and the content I provide, so I feel like I owe it to these guys. 

           The last month or so has been incredibly difficult and trying to deal has proved to be next to impossible. Let me explain...

September 11, 2014

Fall 2014 Beauty & Fashion Trends ♥

Hello Beauties, 

        Today we are going to be discussing some fall trends I'm really looking forward to seeing this year. Since I rarely buy magazines anymore (which I should for the sake of this blog) I thought I would scan through pinterest to see what's poppin'. So here are some of the things I found and what I'm most looking forward to. 

Pantone's Colors of the Year

Every year a company called Pantone (I had to google what they hay this was and I am still stumped on who exactly Pantone is) releases a list of colors that we will be leading the trends of the year. This year there was a wide array of earthy, more muted tones from orchid to muddy green. Ofcourse they all have lovely imaginative names. I have a few favorites but my two favorites are Misted Yellow and Cypress. Misted Yellow is a in my words a good ol' burnt mustard yellow. I have always loved this color but I always overlooked it because if wasn't a "popular" color, yes, I left this color at the loser table even though I loved it. Im glad to see that it's finally Misted Yellows time to shine. Cypress is that muddy green we talked about. I really enjoy this more earthy tone and look forward to seeing what comes out in these shades this year. 

Long Cozy Cardigans

These guys made their appearance in the early 2000's and Im so glad they are back. These look super cute with skinny jeans and boots or dress it down with a pair of converse. They also come in a variety of shapes and colors. 

Deep, Rich Nail Polish Colors

Plums, Cobalt blues and Forest Greens, just to name a few. These gorgeous, rich colored digits look great on all skin tones. They also warm up any outfits. 

60's Inspired Outfits

I absolutely love when vintage inspired outfits come back into the fashion world. The cat eye glasses, the swing skirts, the Peter Pan collars, etc. This trend is sure to please everyone and their mother, for real, and their mother. I personally love the Cat Eye glasses frames. They really flatter an array of face shapes. 

Shoulder Length Hair

I personally LOVE this trend because I just cut my long hair off into a LOB hair style and Im glad I will be in trend this fall. There are a ton different looks you can do with this length and if you keep the layers long, you can get just about my updo. 

Minimal Eye Makeup

As much as I love my classing cat eye liner, I also love a simpler eye. I like layering on a good amount mascara to really help my eyes pop. You can also throw on a soft falsie style to help add a little pizazz! 

So those are some of my picks for this year fall trends! I hope you enjoy and let me know below, what fall trends are you excited about?

Until Next Time...

*This post is hella not sponsored. All opinions are that of my own. All picture used in this post are not mine but rather have been embedded. 

September 03, 2014

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation Review ♥

Good Day Beauts,

        I am just about to paint my nails with the L'Oreal Nudes in Doutzen's nude, which I just bought tonight. But I thought I would write a quick review for you guys regarding the new Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation. Woof! Now that was a mouthful!!

        I had been debating on purchasing this product for a while now and I finally caved when I saw it on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart on sale. So, this foundation runs for between $14-$16 depending on where you pick it up. I picked this up in the lightest shade which is called Porcelain (Classic!).

          One thing about this foundation is that it is very liquidity, I find a little of this product goes a looong way. It has a very velvety, powder finish. I used this with a few primers but I have had the best luck with the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I usually apply this with my fingers and blend into skin, I also do take a buffing brush to work it in further. I only set concealed area with powder.

            I actually quite enjoy this foundation! I have been using it for a few weeks and I am very impressed. If I had to be honest, I would have never have thought I'd like this so much. I did not have high hopes for this product at all. I have acne scars so I usually like a heavier foundation. This foundation gives a medium to full coverage. It is somewhat buildable but works best with the one layer. What I love about this foundation is that it actually feels like skin, there is now heavy or sticky feeling. It also last me a good 8 hours without getting oily and gross.I would say though, that if you tend to have dry skin or dry patches, then make sure you moisturize well, as it can stick to dry spots. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this foundation and it really knocked my socks off. I say if you want a nice thin foundation with a good coverage, this is for you!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time...

August 28, 2014

Suzy Shier Nail Polish Review ♥

Today we are going to talk 'real bargains'! If you know me personally, then you know that I am literally a nail polish junkie. And if you don't know me personally then Im here to tell you, I AM A NAIL POLISH JUNKIE! Being a junkie basically means that you have every color in the rainbow but you still don't have EVER color in the freaking rainbow, you follow? Anyways, I am always on the hunt for the next big color or even just a color that I have never seen before. Whilst shopping with my sister and our best friend Mikayla (SHOUT OUT!) a few weeks back (I mean like 2 month ago lol) at Urban Planet, I saw these two awesome colors of polish in the 'impulse buy' section near the checkout. Ok, so I work in a beauty supply store so I usually don't buy alot of polish outside of my work, let alone a clothing store polish, but I caved because I had been looking for similar colors everywhere. They were only $2.80 before tax, so I thought how could I go wrong? I ended up buying two, a pale green and a fun bright lavender shade. I will be honest in saying that I didn't have very high hopes for these guys. I was expecting a polish that lasted an hour and then chipped off, but boy was I wrong! I really gave this polish a run for it's money. After a day of opening boxes stocking shelves and typing on a register all day, the polish was still in tact! Plus, not only did it last a day, but it lasted 4 days and even still looked great! I took it off mainly to change colors. I do, however, have a few minor complaints about this product.
#1- Odd shaped bottle. This bottle is a rectangular cube shape, so the brush handle is a bit bulky to hold steadily.

#2- Uneven application on lighter colors. The Lavender went on nice and smooth with two coats. The green, however, took a bit more work. 3 coats and still a bit uneven.

#3- Don't have shade names. These guys do not have names!!! Gahhh! So frustrating! So, when someone says 'I love your nail shade!', Im all like, 'thanks! It's the lavender looking on at Urban Planet'. This is super annoying.

So, beside a few minor, and I do mean trivially minor, flaws, I would say this polish is awesome and surprisingly good. I would say for the $2.80, these are a steal. Go get them now!

Until next time...

*This post is hella not sponsored*

Herbal Essence Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo Review + ANNOUNCEMENT ♥

Hello Everyone,

     I know I have been in hiding for a while but my computer bit the dust and I have been using my Mom's laptop until I can afford a new one. This computer is hella slow and it kind of makes me nuts. But none the less, here I am with a quick review of the Herbal Essence Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo. I purchased this on  a pure whim as I was browsing target and I really wanted to try it. It was on sale for $2.50 (Retails for $3.99 CAD) and I thought that was an amazing price for a dry shampoo. They did stock several varieties of this product but I settled on the Color Me Happy scent because I love that signature Herbal Essence rose scent. I gotta be honest in saying that I was not expecting much from this dry shampoo. I mean it was $2.50! I have spent upwards of $10 for a dry shampoo and not been satisfied. So, what did I think? Ok, so this product does give off a white cast on my black hair if it is sprayed too close to the head, however, given ample space between the head and nozzle, this product works like a charm. It absorbs all the oils nicely and ofcourse gives my hair a fresh clean and rosy scent. I would say that is product is defiantly worth the $3.99 (regular Price) and I will absolutely be repurchasing this product. This is my new holy grail dry shampoo and it will not hit this Pretty Paupers wallet hard. I say, if you are not picky about your dry shampoos then this is a defiant money saver!

July 17, 2014

Poo~Pourri Review ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

      Today we are going to talk ab out something that everybody does but will never admit or talk about, POOP! That's right, poop. If you happening to live in some sort of bubble and have somehow missed the Poo-pouri craze that started with a silly and almost unbelievable Youtube advert, Poo-pouri is a bathroom spray. They claim is that you spray this essecial oil laced spray in the toilet before doing your business and it is supposed to contain the unpleasent aroma that comes along with relieving yourself. I have seen this at several Chapters/Indigo stores and finally caved and bought one. I really wanted to test the theory behind this unique and unothadox product. So, are you ready to hear my thoughts?

       So this spray comes in a wide variety of scents for Men and Women. These come in a 20oz. bottle and they run for around $10 CAD. The locations that I have been to and seen these only have about 4 different scents. If you order from the site there is a plethera of different scents. I ended up getting the scent ' Royal Flush' which, according to the site, is a scent for Men. I do not feel like the scent has a manly ador but rather just smells like a mix of esscial oils.

      I guess the question you are all asking is, does it work? Well, the short of it is, Yes! I won't into too much detail for fear of getting gross but it does work very well. My family has trusted in the power of essecial oils for years now and I firmly believe that is the secret behind the power of this product. I say it is worth the $10 and I forgot to mention, you get about 100 uses out of one bottle.

Extra tidbit. Poo~Pourri favorited my tweet!

Finally caved and bought poo-pourri, merely out of sheer intrigue. I'll keep u posted #poopourri

Have you guys used Poo~Pourri? Let me know what you thought below!

Until next time...

June 17, 2014

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation Review ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

        I was in the middle of writing a in depth blog post all about my eyebrow routine and I realized that I haven't posted a product review in a long time. So, today I am posting a review on a product I have been using for a while. It's the much talked about Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation. So, let's get into it, shall we...

       So, This a liquid mousse foundation. Some of the claims are:
  • Feather light
  • Oil Free
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Matte

June 05, 2014

Jennifer Morrison Inspired Hair Tutorial (Video Link) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

             Today i bring you a fabulously easy hair tutorial based on a style wor my Jennifer Morrison, as show below:

If you do not know who Jennifer Morrison is, she is the actress who plays the main character on my favorite tv show "Once Upon A Time". Most of her red carpet hair styles seem to include braids of some sort, which idicated a love for braids on either her's or her hairstylists side. None the less, the style really captured my attention for it's simplicity and how it almost has a medival feel to it. I have been obsessed with the romantic 14th century braids and updos. Braids add romance to anything. I filmed a super quick and basic tutorial for this look and I hope you enjoy! 

June 01, 2014

40 Beauty Questions TAG! ♥

Hello Beautiful People, 

    I have been wanting to film a tag video for my channel for a while but have not had the opportunity lately. So I thought I would do a post instead. Here goes nothing:

Here are the questions:

-How many times do you wash your face daily?
I wash my face every night before bed and in the morning with a wipe.
-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)  
I have oily skin with a few dry spots.
-What is your current facial wash?
 I am using the St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser

May 18, 2014

Top Drugstore Products: Eyes, Lips & Nails ♥

Hello fellow Beautykins,
Yes, I just called y'all "Beautykins". I thought I'd give you a cute name. Anyways, welcome to part 2 of my top drugstore products. Today we will talk about eyes, lips and nails. The drug store has a plethora of these types of products, from shadows to eyeliners, mascaras to lash fibers, lipsticks to lip glosses and top coats to gel kits. The drugstore is like the cheap Sephora these days, and less cray cray. So, let's begin, shall we...

May 03, 2014

Tips For Special Events ♥

Hello Beautiful People, 

              Today I am going to give you guys tips on getting ready for special events, but first let's take a moment to talk about how this is my 100th post!!!! Yaaaay! I have posted 100 times and wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all my loyal readers and subscribers. I love you all! :) Anyways on to the post...
If you don't want to read, click here for the video!!

April 19, 2014

Spring/Summer Lipstick Lookbook ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

         Today I made a video lookbook which I will link below. But this isn't just any lookbook, it is a spring and summer lipstick lookbook, showcasing some of my favorite lipstick for the warmer seasons.This Lookbook features both drugstore and high-end makeup brands. Below I have posted pics and the names are each color. 

April 11, 2014

March Favorites (Video) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

    I hope you all enjoyed my previous post all about some of my favorite drugstore products. Again, stay tuned for part 2 of my drugstore round-up. I posted my March favorites video!!! There link is below.

March Favorites Video

Until next time...

April 10, 2014

Top Drugstore Products: Face ♥

Hello Beautiful People,
           Lately I have been noticing alot of network users posting videos about their top drugstore products. I have been wanting to do this for a while but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a post or video. I decided to make a post because I feel like I can go into more detail by posting on the blog. We are going to do this in two parts, this post will deal with face products from skin care to blush. My next post will deal with eyes, lips and nails. So enough with the jibber jabber, let get into this post. 

April 01, 2014

SPLURGE ALERT!! The Beauty Blender First Impression ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

            I am sorry that I have been away for a while but here I am again. I know I have been flip flopping around lately but I do have a few posts and videos for you all coming soon. Anyways here is today's post.

Mini Lush Haul (Video) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

 I got a hot fresh video for y'all tonight. Thank you for all your loyality and patience and I will be back in action soon.

Click here for video

March 02, 2014

New Videos on my Youtube Channel (Links) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

               I know I have been absent from the blog for a while but I have been posting Youtube Videos. I will have another "Bath Time Diaries" for you all soon. The links for my newest videos are below.

Get Ready With Me: Concert Edition

February Favorites

February 20, 2014

Maleficent Inspired Makeup Tutorial (Video) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

             Today I bring you all my first EVER Makeup tutorial. This look is looely based off of the cartoon version of Maleficent. I used purple cream shadow and tight lined in Dark Green eyeliner. I also used a black mascara. All the products I used are listed in the description of the video. I have made a link you below.


Maleficent Inspired Makeup Tutorial

February 18, 2014

Bathtime Diaries: The Lush Magic Wand ♥

Hello Beautiful People!

            Welcome to a new series on my blog all about bathtime. I am a huge bath fan and I love trying new and exciting bath treats. Alot of these will be based on Lush Cosmetics products because they are my latest bathtime obsession but I will be checking out some other bath time treats as well. Today I talking about the Lush Magic Wand.

February 17, 2014

Lush & BBW Haul (Video) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

                I just posted a new video on my Youtube channel!!! Check it out!

                                    Click here for video!

Until next time...

February 12, 2014

How to clean & disinfect your makeup brushes ♥

Hello Beautiful People!

            In honor of my day off, I decided to clean my makeup brushes. If you watched my January Favorites video, you know they needed a good bath. I get alot of people asking me how to wash and disinfect makeup brushes. The best part of this is that it doesn't take a store bought brush cleaner to clean your brushes properly. I did post a video on youtube a while back but since things always change, I have updated this since then. This way of washing your brushes take a few simple ingredients, ingredients that you can pick up at the dollar store even.

February 10, 2014

January Favorites (Video) ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

           Hope you are all having a fabulous monday! I think I have FINALLY figured out all this youtube/movie maker stuff, so hopefully more videos! Yay! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video!

February 05, 2014

Physicians Formula Super CC+ Powder ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

         Here I am yet again with a review. Today's review is all about the new physicians formula CC powder. I will be honest in saying that I don't typically buy PF because I find it a little expensive for my taste. I have purchased a few products but not many. When I saw this new line of products I was very attracted to the packaging, I am such a sucker for pretty marketing. These products sport a stark white casing with silver and hot pink detailing. This line also includes a CC cream and a concealer.

February 04, 2014

Dark Mermaid Look ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

              Today I am sharing my look with you. I have been obsessed with Once Upon a Time lately and this look was loosely inspired by this show. This isn't based on a specific character but rather a look that would fit nicely into the show. If this look was toned down a bit (example: Less shimmer. I did this to make my skin look damp, cuz you know...I'm a mermaid lol) it would be totally wearable. This look keeps the eyes simple and almost naked natural and sports a dark red lipstick. I will run you through the products and how I applied them.

January 26, 2014

Battle of the Brands - Benefit POREfessional vs. Maybelline Baby Skin ♥

Hello Beautiful People and welcome to the first edition of Battle of the Brands-rands-ands-nds (my sad attempt at an echo). Where two products claiming to do the same thing go head to head in an epic battle of who is greater based on first impressions. In the first corner we have the well-known Benefit Porefesional and the other corner we have the fresh, new Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser!!! So, let's begin...

January 17, 2014

Beauty Haul 01/16/14 ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

      Hope everyone a fantastic week and are ready to head into the weekend. I know I am...phew! So in light of 'payday' and since I haven't treated myself in a while, I decided to go shopping. I was planning on buying clothing but couldn't find much of anything so I settled for some makeup I have been wanting for a while. I was going to film a video but since my editing program is being douchy, I decided to just blog it. So, here is my little beauty haul.

January 14, 2014

Revlon Matte Balms Review ♥

Hello Beautiful People,
              Welcome back from the crazy holidays! As a person who works in Retail, I am so glad that it's all over and life can get back to normal. As the winter continues I hope to see more beauty products hitting the shelves for Spring and all the spring fashion hitting the rails. Anyways, I was looking a post I did a few months back on what was coming up on the blog. I made a few empty promises about some reviews. So here we are with one of the reviews I promised, the Revlon Matte Balms.

January 04, 2014

December Favorites♥ (Video)

Hello Beautiful People,

               I am officially back in action on youtube, I just posted a December Favorites Video and I hope you enjoy!

Click here for the video!!!