March 31, 2015

Getting Candid- 10 Weird Things about Me

Hello my little chocolate eclairs,

 Today I am getting personal so you guys can get to know The Sardines a bit better. Most of us have something weird about us that we usually tend to hide. HA HA!  So, here is me opening up my heart to y'all and giving you 10, count em, 10! Weird facts about me. Let's do this, *deep breath*.

1. I like the smell of anything made of sponge/foam. Yes, you read that correctly. I like foam, like foam rollers, foam mattress pads, foam ANYTHING. I have been caught sniffing foam rollers more than once. Usually this ends with the person walking away slowly and pretending that they didn't see it. Ha!

2. I am scared of seeing things underwater. I am not sure how this started, to be honest. They say any sort of phobia is stemmed from something, but I have no idea how this came about. When I go to the zoo, you will not get me into those observation tunnels. LOL

3. I am obsessed with vacuums. Yes, vacuum cleaners, vacuum smells (safe to say, I have a thing for smells), vacuuming things.

4. I have not gone nail polish free in 4 years. I cannot remember the last time I had 'naked' nails. I just feel like when my nails aren't painted, they get snagged on things. I just feel like things run smoother when my nails are painted.

5. I cannot turn my sarcasm off. I am really bad at holding my tongue when it comes to sarcasm. Sometimes, I don't even realize I am doing it...until someone gets offended. Maybe I should just change it to, I offend people without even realizing.

6. When it comes to men, I have no type. I like what I like. I don't really find one type of guy attractive. Also, when it comes to guys, if I am going to ever like you, in a romantic way, I usually know my atleast the 2nd time meeting you. The odd occasion it takes 3 time.

7. When watching a movie, if the actors are kissing and there are people in the room, I can't look at the screen. I guess this stems from me being a really private person. I don't care for PDA.

8. I have never been on a plane. Yup! I am 25 and never been on a plane. I don't even know how I'd react! Like, turbulence.. ?

9. Sometimes, I google slang words that I don't understand, because I'm afraid to ask. Words like 'Swag', yeah, I had to google that one. Is that so weird?...I'm old. 

10. I must have a bath or shower before bed! Even if I had one before I went somewhere that night, I have to take a bath or shower before I put my Pj's on.

So there you go! I know there are probably weirder things out there that people do (seriously, just watch any episode of My Strange Addiction) but I wanted to get candid with you guys. Hope you enjoyed. And let me know some weird things about you, if you dare.
Until next time...

March 29, 2015

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Haul

Hello Loves,
     First off, if you follow me on Instagram, I did post saying that I was going to be posting a spring makeup look. Unfortunately, this week has been horrible, lots of family things that have prevented me from posting. I am still unsure if I will be posting that blog yet but in the meantime, here is a spring nail polish haul for you.
I just cleaned out my nail polish collection and I needed some fresh colors to paint on the digits. So here we go ;) oh, yeah, before we begin, I just want to say that all these shots were taken in my new DIY lightbox. Hope you enjoy!!

China Glaze Gelaze (Needs a LED light to cure) Left: Too Yacht to Handle, Right: That's Shore Bright

China Glaze- Bottoms Up

China Glaze- Son of a Peach

China Glaze- Lotus Begin

China Glaze- Highlight Of my Summer
Orly- Key Lime Twist LE

Until next time...

March 19, 2015

Nail Polish Selections for Spring 2015


      Happy Thursday everyone! Almost Friday! Yaaaaay! So, today Im going to sharing some of my favorite nail polishes for the time being.

As spring approaches, I feel like I need to get more into a softer and more femine color scheme but also keeping some of the edgyiness that goes with the winter months. Here in the Great White North, we dont really get a real deal spring. Its more of a jubble of days that range from 10C to about -3C. So it can really go all over the place. I feel like that is why I like to still have that edgy yet soft nail that can work on both sides of the thermostat. I have been into nuetrals as of late and here are some of my picks. I have not swatched them but they will be pinned to my pinterest board soon for swatches.

· Essie - Chinchilly (a light mauvey gray) Seen in picture.

· O.P.I - Tickle my France-y (A nude toned pink)

· O.P.I - Funny Bunny (a milky sheer white that can be build for a more opaque finish)

· China Glaze - Below Deck (Mid-toned mauvey gray)

Thanks for reading loves. Let me know below what some of your spring favorites are!!!

March 18, 2015

Bookish Diary #1- Uninterested or Busy?

Hello Lovers,

       So today we gotta talk about when it is extremely difficult to get into a novel. Lol so this might seem weird to a my fellow bookworms but it also might be a very relatable thing too. I recently ordered a book online by one of my favorite authors by recommendation. Even though she is my favorite author, I have not read all her books, which again may seem weird to all my fellow book lovers. The book is called The King's General and it is by the author Daphne DuMaurier. If you arent sure who that is, she wrote Jamaica Inn (my all-time favorite novel) and she is also the mastermind behind Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds. Actually, Alfred Hitchcock covered a few of her works, the ladder, Rebecca and a horrendous version of Jamaica Inn.

Anyways, I am finding it extremely difficult getting into this novel for more than one reason. I think a big reason is that I actually have no time to read. I work so much and when Im not at work, I am running errands or catching up on housework. Sometimes I will schedule time to sit and read, but by the time its slot comes around, I am wiped out. Another reason may be this, the book is super thick and one problem I have with Daphnes works is the amount of description she uses. Oh my word! Sometime we can go a whole chapter of decribing how the waves of the sea crash together. Don't get me wrong but sometimes there is too much decription to handle. I can read a super exciting chapter filled with romantic dialogue and then BAM! We are back to the waves.

So tell me everyone, should I step away from this book for now and try picking it up again later or should I push through in hopes I will hit a point where I cant put it down?