January 26, 2014

Battle of the Brands - Benefit POREfessional vs. Maybelline Baby Skin ♥

Hello Beautiful People and welcome to the first edition of Battle of the Brands-rands-ands-nds (my sad attempt at an echo). Where two products claiming to do the same thing go head to head in an epic battle of who is greater based on first impressions. In the first corner we have the well-known Benefit Porefesional and the other corner we have the fresh, new Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser!!! So, let's begin...

The Benefit Porefessional

This high end primer/pore refiner has many claims that seem to produce miracles. This claims to be a balmy primer that refines the look of pores and wrinkles for a smooth palette to apply your makeup to. It claims to be lightweight and non-greasy. It also claims to be translucent, oil-free and helps makeup stay-put. Runs for $36 CAD.

How did it perform?

Well, this product is very light weight, does not cause breakouts and does really help to blur the look of my pores. As far as fine lines (which I have under my eyes) it did not deliver for me. I do have some larger pores on my cheeks which this product ceased to fill. Even though it is considered a 'balm', it did not feel balmy. To me 'balmy' is more like the Benefit Stay Flawless primer. This feels more like a very light primer. It does not have the silica feeling to it which I like. Overall, this product was nice and did do what it said it does.

The Maybelline Baby Skin

This product started in Asia, slowly headed to the UK and finally made it's debut in North America. This gel products claims to refine pores and gives skin a smooth appearance.  It is supposed to contain oil absorbing ingredients to get a matte finish. It is oil and fragrance free. I paid $12.99 CAD for this product which makes me slightly bitter since it is only $6.99 in the US, but such is life.

How did it perform?

This product did blur my pores nicely. It didn't feel overly heavy on my skin. It felt nice and light. I didn't find my face to slick and my makeup stayed in place like it would with a normal silica based primer. This did not help with my under eye wrinkles which was kind of disappointing.

In comparison

I will be honest and say, I did not notice a difference in these two products. When I say that I mean I did not notice a difference in performance. These two products are completely different in texture. One is balmy and nude colored, one is a clear silica type product.

Who wins this round?

For me, the round goes to the Maybelline Baby Skin. There are a few reasons for this. One being that is much cheaper than the POREfessional but also because these two products do the EXACT same thing in my opinion. I think if you can get a cheaper dupe then why not.

So, that is it loves! The first ever round of Battle of the Brands! I hope you all enjoyed it but i want to know if you have tried these two products. How did they compare for you? Let me know below!

Until next time...

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