July 17, 2014

Poo~Pourri Review ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

      Today we are going to talk ab out something that everybody does but will never admit or talk about, POOP! That's right, poop. If you happening to live in some sort of bubble and have somehow missed the Poo-pouri craze that started with a silly and almost unbelievable Youtube advert, Poo-pouri is a bathroom spray. They claim is that you spray this essecial oil laced spray in the toilet before doing your business and it is supposed to contain the unpleasent aroma that comes along with relieving yourself. I have seen this at several Chapters/Indigo stores and finally caved and bought one. I really wanted to test the theory behind this unique and unothadox product. So, are you ready to hear my thoughts?

       So this spray comes in a wide variety of scents for Men and Women. These come in a 20oz. bottle and they run for around $10 CAD. The locations that I have been to and seen these only have about 4 different scents. If you order from the site there is a plethera of different scents. I ended up getting the scent ' Royal Flush' which, according to the site, is a scent for Men. I do not feel like the scent has a manly ador but rather just smells like a mix of esscial oils.

      I guess the question you are all asking is, does it work? Well, the short of it is, Yes! I won't into too much detail for fear of getting gross but it does work very well. My family has trusted in the power of essecial oils for years now and I firmly believe that is the secret behind the power of this product. I say it is worth the $10 and I forgot to mention, you get about 100 uses out of one bottle.

Extra tidbit. Poo~Pourri favorited my tweet!

Finally caved and bought poo-pourri, merely out of sheer intrigue. I'll keep u posted #poopourri

Have you guys used Poo~Pourri? Let me know what you thought below!

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