August 07, 2016

My Top 5 Nude Nail Polishes

Hello Friends, 

            So, here I am, just sitting here in my Roots pants (if you are a PR manager for Roots and want to send me some pants, hit the "contact me' tab, Thanks in advance :P) and listening to Ronda by The Beach Boys. It's actually quite challenging to write with music blaring in the background. I am here to let you know that I am officially back on the tube, as in Youtube. That's right, my face will be gracing your phone screens again. I have decided to start a whole new channel so, if you were subbed to my last channel, that one is no longer relevant. 

           One thing you are going to notice with my new description box is that I address my audience as "friends or foes". I am sorry if you think this is rude, but lets be real here, alot of people who click on my video are going to have a problem with me or my content. They will make a nasty, tasteless comment and I will get emotional. I think that definitely classifies someone as a foe, doesn't it? Anyways, for my first video, I shared my top 5 nude nail polishes, since I have been obsessed these days. And yes,I photographed these on top of some old ratty books, but that's how we do it here at Not Your Average Sardines HQ. 

There you have it! I also linked the video below! 

Thanks for watching and subscribing!!!!!

Until next time...