June 21, 2015

Take a Sneak Peek into my Garden + My Lemonade Recipe

Hello Friends, 

             I am so sorry about the slacking I have been doing lately, I have been extremely busy for the  last couple of weeks and getting a chance to sit down and write for you guys has proved a challenge. I do have some adventures planned for the summer and I hope to blog them for you guys. 

               Today I am sharing a look inside my garden! If you follow me on instagram, you know that my hybrid Tea Roses are my pride and joy and that I have been really helping my mom work on getting our garden in ship shape this summer. We moved into this house about two years ago and the yard was unkempt and disastrous. My Mom actually wept when she saw the state of our yard. So, for the last two summers, we have been working at it and we are finally so happy with it. I only wish I had a before and after shot of this place. 

Pretty pleasant to look at, eh? (I'm so Canadian) Today, whist cleaning up the yard and enjoying the weather, I decided to whip up a pitcher of lemonade. Lemonade is pretty straight forward but I thought I would share my easy little base recipe. 

I start with a clean pitcher (duh Sarah!) and add about a cup of lemon juice, a cup of sugar and pour in about 5 cups of water. Stir it up and garnish with lemons and strawberries. You can add sugar or lemon juice to your taste, but I thought this worked perfect for me. Also, you can throw in some fresh mint to add some more flavor. 

I hope you all enjoyed a sneak peek at my garden. Follow me on instagram for all my garden updates. 

Until next time...