October 01, 2013

Tuesday Review: Physicians Formula FakeOut Mascara

Hello Beautiful People,

                  I hope you all had a great day today and are all ready to step into Wednesday. I know I am! This week is getting exhausting. Anyways, for today's review we are talking about Physicians Formula Organic Wear FakeOut Mascara. That was a mouth-full, try saying that 10 times fast...

              I picked this up about 3 months ago when I had a major car fire that totaled my car (obviously!). I was feeling really washed up and decided to treat myself to something. This was the one drugstore mascara I had hear lots of good thing about but never wanted to spend the $18 for it. I decided to splurge and get it anyways because I was feeling so sad. So here are my thoughts...

This mascara comes in a .26 oz Hot metallic pink tube. The brush is very thick and sport shorter bristles on the ends and they gradually get longer as you move toward the middle. This mascara has a ton of promises. This mascara claims to be the first ever mascara to have 100% natural origin lash extension fibers that claim to provide length and volume without the irritation of traditional fiber mascaras. Promised 100% natural origin ingredients, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens-wearers.

When I first used this mascara I noticed a difference right away! The lash fibers did really lengthen and volumize my lashes. The large brush really swept across my lashes with ease. After the day progressed I noticed that when I touched my eyelash while itchy my eye or whatever, the mascara was still wet. I also noticed that it did get on my lids because it wasn't dry as well. That was the one thing I really didn't like.

Overall, this mascara is good. I would, however suggest, pairing this with another mascara or sealing it with a waterproof mascara for the simple reason that it does not dry! I think it has something to do with the organics of the ingredients. Now, the price point is a little high for a mascara that does not dry. It runs for about $18 CAD. I will probably not repurchase this mascara. :(

So, that's it ladies and gents! I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to posting on Thursday.

I want to know, have you tried this mascara? What did you like? What did you hate? Will you purchase this product? Let me know below!

Until Next Time...
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