October 29, 2012

Beautiful Blushes

Hey Lads,

        Well, Monday is over and now we can breathe that sigh of relief. As everyone waits out hurricane Sandy, why not read about some fun and gorgeous blushes that I'm loving right now.

         Blush is to winter as bronzer is too summer. In the summer, you want to have an effortless warm bronzy glow. In the winter, you want a pale yet flushed rosey look. Since the mercury is plummeting, let's talk blush. At this moment in time I am using 3 main blushes. Here is a roundup of these three:

The babydoll pink

The look- This bright pink color will make you look like a living doll.

When to avoid - You want to avoid these kinds of color when you are experiencing a blemish around the cheek area. The pigment will surround the blemish causing it to appear more red.

My favorite - Hard Candy in Living Doll (Coincidence?)

The Peachy glow

The look - This peachy shade will give you that summer glow, even in the dead of winter.

When to avoid - Sometime we wake up with yellow tones in our skin. These are the days we should avoid this peachy tone as it will wash out the natural coloring in our skin.

My favorite - Hard Candy in Skinny Dipping

The Rosey Glisten

The look- This rosey shade will give you a natural flush all year round.

When to avoid - Perhaps again when you are experiencing a blemish.

My favorite - Nars in Orgasm

So, those are some of my favorite blushed of the moment. You know, I believe that blush is way underrated because I feel like sometimes people think they can just skip it. I firmly believe that you don't want to leave the house without your blush, even if it's just a dab on the apples of your cheeks. Blush takes your makeup to a whole different level, You went from being that tanned girl on the beach to that foxy tanned girl on the beach or pale girl on the bunny hill (yes, as in the ski hill for kids) to that living doll tumbling down the bunny hill. Yes, blush does have that much impact in my opinion. Don't believe me, try it! And send me pix. :D

Speaking of pix, here are some pix of my new China Glaze called Pizazz (over black polish).

Yes, glitter speaks volumes :D. Well, that's it for me everyone. Oh! I wanna know, have you checked out my Youtube channel yet? http://www.youtube.com/theobq89 There is only one video but I know it's worth checking out. If you guys like it, Subscribe and I'll make more videos! Thanks for all the love guys and see your next week. Have a good one!

October 22, 2012

Fabulous finds for under $10

Hey everyone,

          Are you on a budget or are you just trying to save a few pennies here and there? Are you a makeup fanatic (like me) and just can't afford high-end prices? Well, your going to want to watch this video then...enjoy!

Ooop! There it is babes. Oh and here are a few pix from the Hollywood Bash I attended last weekend.


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Hey ladies and Gents,

                Hope you all had and fantabulous weekend! I had a fantastic Friday and Saturday but I had to work Sunday, so that was blah! But the weekend is gone and in just a few hours Monday will be gone. We made it guys! Woo hoo! Anyways, I'm working on loading my video post for you guys and hopefully (if all goes well) it will be up for you tonight. Anywho, I just wanted to let all you lads know that I now have a YouTube channel that I Will be trying to post most, if not all my video post to. So if you want to skip the reading and just see the videos then you can visit my channel instead. I will post a link for you guys. Thanks for all the love and support and have a fantastic week!

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October 09, 2012

Stay Tuned!

Hey everyone,

        Just wanted to post a note so you don't think I've forgoten about you! I'm working on a vlog post and will be posting it within the next few days. It's going to be a good one, expecially for those of you who are on a budget or just want to save a few pennies. Stay tuned! x