October 19, 2014

Sunday Night Thoughts: The 'I like all types of girls' guy

Hello Beautiful,

     I am just sitting here on this boring Sunday night, in my self-preserving mask of magnanimity from lush I might add. I thought I would write a post regarding something maybe other ladies can relate to. I have this friend who I have known for about 2 years now and he is older. I will admit that when I first met him, I may have had a little crushy-crush because he seemed super sweet and we got along quite well.
But as I have gotten to know him more the potential boyfriend aspect has been chipped away by his true colors coming out. I am in no way bashing my friend, I just think guys are weird sometime. When it came out that I liked him a while back, he shut the idea down immediately because I wasn't his type.  Now, funny story is, he heard about me liking him, through the grape vine as it were. I never told him with my lips. When I got wind of the fact that he shut the idea down, I was relieved that I saved myself the embarrassment of telling him to his face and being humiliated. I now joke with him about his types, stating things about skinny, short, well put together, younger girls. Recently, during a mall trip, I was joking with him about his types and he actually got kind of ticked. He came up with the absolutely absurd come back about how I got him all wrong and he like a wide variety of woman. I kept silent because if I was Maury, I would determined that was a lie!

Here is my thing guys/gents/men/lads/boys, if you have a type then you need to own it. Why are you going to pretend that you are not shallow, when infact you most certainly are. This is what gets me! Don't turn down a girl because she is not your type and then say that you have no type. Clearly you do not like a wide variety of girls if you typically go for those skinny blonde's who dress modestly. If all the girls you like are skinny and short, yet have a wide variety of hair colors, that does not classify as a wide variety. Sorry boys, no dice. I am not out to bash guys for having standards or types or whatever. All I'm saying is, own it! Don't make a girl feel like she has a chance when she clearly doesn't. 

Sound off below with your thoughts! I'd like to hear them.

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