May 19, 2014

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Space ♥

May 18, 2014

Top Drugstore Products: Eyes, Lips & Nails ♥

Hello fellow Beautykins,
Yes, I just called y'all "Beautykins". I thought I'd give you a cute name. Anyways, welcome to part 2 of my top drugstore products. Today we will talk about eyes, lips and nails. The drug store has a plethora of these types of products, from shadows to eyeliners, mascaras to lash fibers, lipsticks to lip glosses and top coats to gel kits. The drugstore is like the cheap Sephora these days, and less cray cray. So, let's begin, shall we...

May 03, 2014

Tips For Special Events ♥

Hello Beautiful People, 

              Today I am going to give you guys tips on getting ready for special events, but first let's take a moment to talk about how this is my 100th post!!!! Yaaaay! I have posted 100 times and wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all my loyal readers and subscribers. I love you all! :) Anyways on to the post...
If you don't want to read, click here for the video!!