February 28, 2013

JustFab.ca Review

Hello Ladies!

It's Friday's Eve and that means the weekend is at our finger tips. Over here in Canada we had a bit of a dribble of snow over night. Which is blah! Anyways, I have recently tried my hand at online shopping and thought I'd share my experience with you guys reading this.

So, on Monday night I was channel surfing and came across the commercial for JustFab.ca claiming that all the shoes on the website (Including Boots, flats, platform-any shoe really) was priced at $39.95.Another reason I was compelled to give it a try is that I have quite large feet, I'm a size 11 for heck's sake! I thought that if shoes were that cheap and they had a size 11 then it would be worth giving a try. So, I logged on!

The Experience
When you log on, the site is super trendy and fun looking. I am a sucker for advertising so this made the site way more desirable. When you log on, it doesn't allow you to search through the shoes unless you create a profile, which at first annoyed me, but later made sense. To create a profile, it asks you a few style preference questions which help to narrow down the styles you may be interested in. Almost immediately after I created my profile, I received an email from them saying that if I ordered my first pair of shoes today, i would get them for half price. Ofcourse, this appealed to me. And I ordered.

The Ordering Process
The ordering process is pretty clean and simple. Name, Mailing address, credit card info...yada yada yada!

Now comes the waiting game
After ordering, the expected deliverydate was about 10 days after my order was processed. They gave me a tracking number and just for fun I decided to enter the number last night and boom! They came today. Only 2 days after my order was processed! i did not pay extra for rush delievery, so I was naturally impressed.

The goods
So my shoes came! And here they are:

 Beautiful right? Since my shoe size flucuates I was quite nervouse over whether they would fit or not. I was pleasently suprised as they fit quite well but they do seem a bit snug. Nothing that alittle stretching can't fix.

Yes, although I do madly love my shoes, there is a con to this whole process. For some reason I felt like I should read up reviews regarding the company. You know, to see it people liked or disliked it and what not. Not sure why I decided to do this after creating a profile and ordering but that it beside the point. Alot of the complaint I saw were regarding people being charged on a monthly basis. People were saying they thought it was a one shot deal but it's a memebership. This kind of caught me off gaurd, because I honestly didnt want to purchase a pair of shoes a month! That's alot of shoes! If I was rich then I may consider it but seriously....I don't think I can handle to spend over $40 on a pair of shoes each and every month. I honestly am not a 'fine print' reader so I didn't bother. If it wasn't for reading reviews, I would have never know and I would have been charged every month for it. Now, on the website, they give you the fresh and easy option to cancel your account. NOT! Once you hit cancel, it advises you to call customer service to cancel your account. My guess is, to try and guilt you into keeping it. I called today but I was put on a solid hold and waited forever. In the meantime, I used their live chat, which also had a wait time. The girl on the other end said that in order to cancel I did infact need to call in. I decided to wait until later to call and cancel. I will update this when I do finally get through. Now, that being said, the website does give you the option to skip the month. Therefore, you aren't obligated to buy and will not be charged.

Will I purchase again?
Like I said, if I could afford to purchase a pair of shoes every month, I totally would keep my membership. I do really like the selection of shoes and I like that they carry a varity of sizes from the smallest to largest (lthough they do not carry size 12). The website is easy to navigate and is pleasing to the eye. The price is right and you get your shoes in a matter of days. It also seems that they have a very good return policy. I also like that you get your first pair for 50% off. This made me very happy. Minus a few annoyances, I really do like the idea of this site. If you want to give it a whirl, I suggest really reading up on it to make sure it's the right choice for you.

Hope this review helps you out. I want to know, did you have a good experience with JustFab.ca? A bad one? The floor is yours, take it away!


  1. I had the same experience but before I hit submitt order, I reasoned with myself that I don't need a new pair of shoes every month...crazy and I can't afford that luxeury.

    1. Yes, I should have read into it alittle more. I have been 'skipping' the month and they aren't charging me. I do want to order a few more pairs before I cancel my memebership. Thanks for your feedback and for reading the blog! :D

  2. Thanks for the 'heads up'! I never read the fine print either :)

    1. Fine print is so blah! :P Thanks for reading! :)

  3. I definitely did not read the fine print, I clicked the site by accident, i love the shoes but can't order every month, debating cacelling my membership too, but I would like a few more pairs of shoes.

  4. Yeah you can skip the month without having to buy anything and they won't charge you. Great review by the way, is it ok if I post it here: https://www.facebook.com/justfab.reviews

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