May 28, 2015

My Dental Depression Story

Hello friends,
            Today I am getting real with y'all and perhaps, as you can tell by the title of this blog, a little dramatic.

              Let me start from the beginning, first off, I hate the dentist. As in, I don't think hate is a strong enough word. I have always gone to the dentist growing up but after I was no longer under my parents dental plan, I stopped going. Dental work is outrageous and I simple could not afford it with my part time jobs. Obviously not going to the dentist is fine and dandy for so long before it can become an issue.

              My teeth have gone through their share of problems but about a month ago, the worst happened. My gums normally go through their moments of slight discomfort because, as mentioned, I have not been to the dentist in a while. My gums swelled a bit but I ignored the pain because I thought it would simply go away. A week goes by and I start noticing my cheek is getting swollen. I am laying in bed that night and ofcourse, like every person does when they have strange symptoms, I started searching online. Here is a choice tip for all you sufferers of any illness, DO NOT GOOGLE IT! Doing so will only make you nervous and could possibly even make the situation worse. I tossed and turned that whole night scared that my face was going to be deformed or that I would die in my sleep from a fatal tooth infection.

             The next day, I was at work and I felt ugly. In short, I looked like Marlon Brando a le Godfather.

                I ended up leaving work early and going to a clinic to get an antibiotic. At this point I am still trying to avoid the dentist. Eventually, the swelling and pain subsided and I booked an appointment with a dentist so try and get it fixed. In the meantime, I again researched it online (stupid, silly girl) and all signs seemed to point to a tooth abscess. Funny thing was, I was not experiencing the sensitivity to cold/hot or the severe pain. I had to wait a month for a dental appointment.

                  So, today was the day and I woke up feeling nauseated and unsettled. I think what made me nervous was the thought of not knowing what was about the happen. When I got there, all I could think about was how much I wished it was all over. After all the xrays and limited options I had, the final verdict was, ether leave the tooth in and risk major infection or get it removed. The tooth was rotten and could not be repaired. Obviously, I got it pulled.

                 Now comes the dental depression part. I have had the same tooth but on the other side pulled before, so I knew I wouldn't be able to see the gaping hole that was now in my mouth. But feeling and knowing the tooth is gone is kind of making me feel ugly. I am very fortunate to have great looking front teeth, I get compliments on them all the time and I have never had braces. I guess when you know your teeth may shift around a bit and your mouth now has a void spot, it can make your uneasy about your appearance. I know once the hole close up and my bone structure regenerates that I will feel normal again, but I have experienced some real depression today.

                  Thanks for listening friends. Until next time...

May 26, 2015

D.I.Y - Chic Metallic Garden Flamingo

Hello friends,

       First off I must apologize for being so rotten about the challenge, I have failed miserably. I will explain why, a few weeks back, my cheek literally swelled to the point where it looked like I had a golf ball stuck in my cheek. I ended up on anti biotic for two weeks. Anywho, my dental appointment is this week and I DREAD going to the dentist. I know I have some teeth problems I need to work through and I don't like hearing about it all the time. That is why I hate the dentist. Anywho, I have spent the last two weeks mentally preparing myself for Thursdays ordeal, so my mind has been pre- occupied.

   I decided to share a weekend DIY with you guys today. Lately, I have been into gardening. To be 100% honest, I used to hate the thought of gardening. You know, the worms, the dirt, the bugs, yik!! Anyways, I recently planted a hydrangea and a rose bush, which I am super excited about. I wanted to add some lawn ornaments but my mom refused to let me have the ones I wanted. What I wanted was a lawn flamingo but without the tack factor. I used pinterest and found a really cute set that were a metallic rose gold. They looked super chic but cost my right arm so I decided to come up with a DIY. This project is super easy and only takes a day to do. So, without further ado, let's get this thang started...

What you will need:

- A plastic garden flamingo (I got mine at the dollar store for around $3.00 but it's a little smaller than I would have liked. I would check home depot for a.better one)
- A can of gold, rose gold or silver spray paint (I used the shade nickel with a satin finish) Also, make sure this is an outdoor paint.
- Old newspapers
- A garden (duh!)

First things first, if your flamingo comes with the legs already attached, remove legs. Mine did not, so this step was unnecessary. 

Next, lay down some old news papers down to protect the surface you are working on.

Lay your flamingo down on its side. You will need to paint each side separately. Be patient!!
Shake the can for a good minute or so to get the pigments nice and mixed up. 

Spray the flamingo in sweeping motions until covered. Note: Depending on the brand of spray paint, you may need to build the color on. Allow to dry for about 25 minutes. Flip and repeat. You will need to allow it to dry for a good two hours in between coats. Mine was covered in about 3 coats. Hot pink is super hard to cover so you can still see the slight hints of pink when harsh light hits it. 

I let it dry overnight to make sure it's good and dry. Reattach those body members and stake in your garden. 

I staked it in front of my rose bush. This gives the garden a chic Alice in Wonderland vibe. 

Bonus: Here is a little sneak peek of a pot of miniature roses I picked up at Walmart. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun little garden DIY. 

Until next time loves...

May 11, 2015

#livelovesimple Challenge - Day#11 My 10 Favourite Foods

Hello friends,

        Well, we have already reached day 11 - My 10 favourite Foods.

I think these posts are a little weird, because what am I supposed to say about the foods...? Like, am I supposed to descride how the cheese is melted on my pizza?

Such a weird post but here we go...

1. Shawarma, If you have not had the pleasure of eating some delish garlicky shawarma with rice, you are sorely missing out. So far, the restaurant who makes the best shawarma has by far been a little restaurant here in Oakville called Agabi, So. freaking. good!!!!

2. Pizza. Whoever doesn't like pizza is lying. It's pizza! What is not to like? It's dough with tomato sauce and cheese, baked to golden melted deliciousness.

3. Burgers and Fries. I love burgers and fries because there are so many ways to make it taste different. Prime example, hit up The Works Burger Bistro in Oakville. They have a full page on the menu of burger combinations. They even have burgers with peanut butter on them. I am more of the goat cheese and sauteed peppers kinda gal.

4. Mashed Potatoes. Nuff said.

5. Sauteed Mushrooms. I love a good bowl full of sauteed mushrooms with a steak. I could eat the bowl on it's own, that would satisfy me.

6. Spaghetti. I think spaghetti and meat sauce is a super quick and simple dish that truly satisfies.

7. Mashed Squash. My mom makes probably the best mashed butternut squash of life. She basically cubes and bakes this with brown sugar, onions, red and green peppers, then mashes it all up. She usually serves it up with her roast beef. Nom!

8. General Thai. I love thai food in general, but this is my favourite. I love the breaded chicken smothered in that sweet yet spicy sauce. I'm drooling.

9. Chicken Roti. I have not has a good chicken roti since my sister moved out of the Scarborough area. So far, I have not found any drool worth roti spots in this area. I love this meal because it can be more than one meal. If you go to a good spot, you usually get a massive roti that can be divided to make two potions. It's also extremely hearty.

10. Pork Souvlaki. A lemony, garlicky skewer of pork smothered in garlic sauce. Gaaaah!

I flipping love food!


I was watching Eat, Pray, Love for the first time the other night and the only part I loved was the part where she *Spoiler Alert* goes to Italy and all she does is eat! I want to do that. I drooled the whole time.

Until tomorrow...

May 09, 2015

#livelovesimple Challenge- Day #10 Best Trip of Your Life

Hello Friends, 

         First off, I need to apologize for being so rotten about keeping up with my challenge. I have been going through some personal stuff and I just couldn't bring myself to type anything out. I will go back after I finish the challenge and complete the ones I skipped, but for now, I am just going to plug it out. So today we are going to talk about, THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE <---imagine this in a comic blast. 

          I got to be honest in saying that I haven't been on alot of major trips in my lifetime. When I was a few years old, I was in Texas where I met my cousins for the first and last time. The only thing I remember is that my cousin Jacob bit my finger. My Mom tells me about how I walked around for weeks holding my finger in the air and telling everyone how 'Jacob bit my finger'. The last major trip was when I was about 14 and we went to Kentucky to visit my Grandmother. The only thing I remember about that trip was listening to Enrique Iglesias all the way there and how my older brother and sister got into a fist fight. FYI: They were both married, which made them old, too old to be fist fighting over the bed. Oh, I also remember my Mom having a panic attack when we stopped singing, looked around and realized my 12 year old sister wasn't in the car after stopping to get gas...*Spoiler Alert* She was in the other car group. 

         Yeah I haven't had the pleasure of going on any major trips in my lifetime, however, let's me tell you about the best trip I have ever had. A trip full of cocktails before 11AM, falling off of trampolines, soul searching and weird confessions. It was the trip my sister and I took to our best friends cottage two summers ago. 

          I remember her telling us about her cottage when she asked us to go. I think it all sounded like fun and games until she told us that it used to be a hotel in the olden days, then I had this image of a creepy motel in the middle of no where, where would be murdered in our beds lol. Since we would literally be vegging for 4 days and not going anywhere, we went to the liquor store and stocked up. Oh, and we got some food. The first night we didn't drink until dinner but by the 3rd day, it was cocktails at breakfast. We spent most of our nights making bonfires, and by bonfires I mean a few twigs and about half the pack of Fire starters Mikayla's Dad has sent with us. Oh, and on our last night, our garbage...aaaaaaand the rest of the fire starters. Lesson learned: Don't get stuck on a desert island with us because we will starve and freeze to death. We are city girls, WE WILL FAIL YOU!

Now, shall we sit around this bonfire gif as I relate some tales from the cottage. 


On our first day, it was my night to make dinner. I opted for peorgies and Cesar salad. Now, Mikayla's cottage has running water, but the water comes from the lake, which means it has not been filtered.The lake me sorta bathed in, and dumped our dirty dishwater in. As we are eating our quite delicious dinner (jk, this was not my finest meal) Mikayla asked me how I rinsed the lettuce for the salad. I proceeded to tell them that I rinsed it in the sink as we all had forkfuls of salad in our mouths. You can all guess what happened to the rest of the salad. 

There was a trampoline at the cottage, and we mostly used it to tan. Before I start this story, I should explain, this trampoline was quite high off the ground. One day, as we were about to go in the cottage to make lunch, I was trying to get off the trampoline whilst lying down. I basically rolled straight off. I am pretty sure I blacked out for like a second. Needless to say Jasmine and Mikayla laughed for a solid hour after it happened. 

One more story has to do with the night we has a real bang up storm. The cottage was over the water and I'm pretty sure the wind was so strong, I felt it moving. The lights kept flickering and we thought we might die. Mikayla's room was right across from ours and we were super terrified. We decided to take our friendship with Mikayla to the next level and ask to sleep in her bed because we were legit terrified lol. I proceed to cross the hall (this was even more scary because at the end of that hall was a swinging screen door), I creak Mik's door open, I said, "Mikayla? Are you awake?",
"Yes." Says Mikayla
I chickened out of asking her to sleep in her bed. So I add libbed here...
"Just wanted to let you know there is a bad Storm outside,"
Meanwhile, her window is shaking off the pane, the lightening strikes every few seconds and the thunder is crashing...
"I know" Said Mikayla.
"K, goodnight!" i said...then quickly closed the door. 

Although it may not have been as glamorous as we expected, it was a great trip. We star gazed on the last night, it was amazing. We took a canoe ride, and I panicked while swimming to the dock. What an excellent time with our best friend. It was defiantly a trip we will remember forever. 

Until tomorrow friends...

May 06, 2015

May Blog Challenge - Day #6 What Are You Afraid Of?

Good Day friends & blog readers,
                 Today's blog challenge post-What are you afraid of?

Alright, so this could be something stupid, like, the dentist, which yes, I am afraid of but I'm not about to go on a rampage about the dentist. I could also write about my strange phobia of seeing things under water...but I have talked about that before.

            Today I'm going to talk to you about something I am actually so terrified of and super uncomfortable with. And that thing is Change. I cannot count how many times I have written a poem or journal entry with the title Change. It can't be one of the most terrifying things ever, because we are taken out of what we know and thrust into the darkness. Like, legit, if I switch the furnature around in my room, I will bump into something in the dark!

            But in all seriousness, change can mean alot of things to alot of people. I think I like the farmiliar, I like knowing what way the road ahead is winding. If I don't know what is going on around me, how can I possibly be okay?  

                I remember when I moved from my old how into my new house. The house looked almost the same because we stayed within the same complex, but my room was about 3 times smaller than my last room. I remember about a week after moving in, I literally sat in my floor and had a meltdown. I had no idea how I was going to live in such a small room! Eventually I got used to it and I now love my room.
         I guess I have been portraying change in a very negative way. There are alot times change is good. For instance, when someones health changes for the better or when we decide to change our lives for the better. But I think that is more of a gradual change, so we have time to adjust to it.

Anyways, until tomorrow friends...

May 05, 2015

May Blog Challenge - Day #4 Your Proudest Moment

Hello friends,
    Your proudest moment - today's blog post.

     This was one I was dreading because I have had so many proud moments. We all have moments where we thrive on pride because we have been complimented or had a pat on the back for reason or other. It was definitely a difficult post to come up with. And then I remembered something, a day where I decided that I was going to do what God wanted me to and what in my heart, I wanted to too. My proudest moment was July 10th, 2004, the day I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

     I remember being fearful because I knew I would be tested greatly. A teenaged girl in high school who was about to get baptised, how could I not be tested? But I also knew how forgiving God was, and that although I was determined to stay faithful, if I fell, God would help me back up and forgive me. But only if it was truly a mistake.

      I remember walking across the stage after I answered my affirmative yeses, and sweating like nobodies business. But I also remember the look in my parents faces when I was finally dunked. And how I felt so thankful and proud to be sopping wet. I still cannot believe it's been almost 11 years since I took the plunge (literally!) I tried finding a picture but could not find one for the life of me. 

Anyways loves, see you tomorrow! 

May 04, 2015

May Blog Challenge - Day# 4 Your Dream Job

Hello peeps!

           So, we have arrived at blog challenge day 4, You dream Job. This one was actually super difficult for me to come up with because there are so many amazing and cool jobs out there. But I think I figured it all out. This isn't a real job but it's my "dream" job, so if this was a dream, I could possibly get paid lol. My dream job is... A traveller. 

So, yes, there is no such job and just "travelling" that exists in life, that I know of anyways. I don't mean a job where I travel for work, but more of a traveler where I literally travel around and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of some of the amazing places of the world. 

Eating a baguette at a cafe in Paris, shopping in a market in Israel, eating a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in the Tuscan countryside. There are so many amazing things I want to see in this world, on this amazing planet that we walk on. Could you imagine showering in a waterfall in Costa Rica and getting paid for it? Like, duh! Who wouldn't? 

But *sigh*, sadly, No such job in this life, LOL. So, obviously, it really is my "dream' job. 

Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow loves!! 

May 03, 2015

Saturday Adventure Blog - May 02/15 (Bonus Blog!!)

Hello Friends,

        What a glorious day it was to be out and about doing some of our favorite things. The sun was beaming, the air was crisp and warm. I was wearing shorts and my pasty, chubby gams were blinding everyone LOL. But I really could care less. I was in my happy place and ready for an adventure.

First things first, we decided to hustle our way up to a local farm about 20 minutes away from our house. It's a great little farm that gives you free new pace in life and it's not even far from the city.

They have an adorably little shop with tons of hidden gems to buy. They also have a great little cafe that features products made on site. They have a great assortment of local made products as well. Ofcourse, I had to get a few treats. I got a leek & parm Croussant and a Pecan tart. They both tasted divine!

The second leg of our Saturday adventure took us to Brant street in Burlington. We hit up a small meat market and then head over to a local gem, Kelly's Cupcakes. I have never tried this bakery before but everytime I drive by it, I drool over how adorable it is. They feature gluten free and vegan products. Apparently, the owners have been on a few canadian talk shows. 

Ofcourse, we had to grab some to "taste test" ;) By the recommendation of the lovely lady who helped us, I got the Dolce Du Leche, I have to be honest in saying I was not overly impressed. But the two coconut ones we fabulous! I will go back again, even just for the atomphere.

Hope your Saturday's were as fabulous as mine! 

Until next time...

May Blog Challenge - Day #3 Your Favorite Quote

Hello friends,

       So, today's challenge is a favorite quote. This proved super difficult, because I literally have so many favorites! I am a quotation fiend (You will know this if you follow me on IG or Pinterest). Alot of my favourites happen to be from the holy scriptures because I feel like we receive so much love and support from God. If you are not a religious person, I give you permission to click the 'X' in the top right of your screen. So, without further ado, after much deliberation, I give you, my favorite quote...

       This is a beautiful scripture with so much support from God in it's every word. This was a passage where God was making it clear to Israel, that he would take care of them. It is no different today, he will take care of those who serve him. It gives us so much confidence that we are truly not alone.

      When it's all said and done, this is such a source of comfort when we face the harshness of life. There isn't alot more to say then this, the scripture speaks for itself.

Until tomorrow loves...

May 02, 2015

May Blog Challenge- Day #2 20 Facts about Me

Me again! Let's skip the formalities and get on with the post, shall we?

About a month or so ago, I posted about some weird facts about me, so i guess today we will discuss some of the more normal things about me, that don't involve me sniffing sponges or vacuum cleaners (If you are confused, click here).

1. I am terrified to go to the dentist. I mean all that drilling and crap, in your thank you!

2. My eyes change colours. Sometimes they are grey, sometimes blue, sometimes green.

3. I have a cat named after the 1920's gangster,  Bugsy. So far, he hasn't killed anyone or thing...not even a mouse..

4. I love cooking. And eating...

5. My favourite band is The Fratellis. I finally got to see them in concert last winter! Woot!

6. I have been to the Toronto Zoo almost once a year ever since I was born.

7. Speaking of the zoo, when I was about a year old, a mother gorilla (at said zoo) thought I was her baby and went ballistic when my mom pulled my stroller away from the window. Extra tidbit: This gorilla is still at the zoo and I go visit my 'Mother' whenever I'm there.

8. I love reading. Although I rarely have time for it. \

9. I want to own a farm someday.

10. My favorite TV show is Looney Tunes. My Favorite movie is Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russel version).

11. I have been to a symphony. At Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto to be exact. It was a field trip in grade 5.

12. My best friend and I have known eachother our whole lives but we only became friends 6 years ago. I can't imagine my life without her.

13. My biggest dream is the visit Paris France someday. I will get there, I know it.

14. I am 25 and I have a 44 year old brother, 41 year old sister, 35 year old brother and a 23 year old sister. I have 2 nieces and 5 nephews.

15. Love the native culture! Still determined to get to a pow-wow one of these days.

16. I have a ton of backgrounds, but the most dominant are Slovenian, German and mexican.

17. Not  a fan of mexican food. Unless we are talking Taco Bell mexican food, then I am down!

18. My favorite type of food is defiantly shawarma.

19. I used to be a people-person, until I started retail...

20. Two summers ago, my car caught on fire, on the highway, ever since the, I am paranoid about every noise I hear on my car.

Until tomorrow friends...

May Blog Challenge- Day #1 Your Blog's Name

Hello all my fellow Sardines,

                  So, I have decided to take part in a monthly blog challenge! Jump with me! If you aren't familiar with what a "blog challenge" is, I shall explain. So, for 1 month, count em, 1, I have to try and post once a day. Now, I am behind a day but it's better late than never, right? I found this challenge via Pinterest (Pst! If you aren't already following me, there is a link in the side bar).

So, how about we get started?

Today, we discuss my Blog Name. I know alot of you wonder why my blog has a name like "Not Your Average Sardine" and you have merit for wondering LOL I mean, who names their blog after an oily fish that  comes in a peel back can? About 2 years ago When a new girl named Nora started at my place of work, I began calling her 'Noreen" eventually to balance out my calling her 'Noreen" she began calling me Sardines, because you know my name is "Sarah". Make sense? Not really? lol

Regardless as to whether it made sense of not, it stuck and my nickname is now Sardines. Gotta love when one of the girls calls my nickname and the customers look all confused.

I eventually changed my Instagram name (Again, if you aren't following me on IG, the link is in the side bar) to Not Your Average Sardines. Because unlike real-deal sardines, I do not live in an oil slicked can or get eaten and I'm not a fish, I am a human. See? Not an average sardine? When I decided to become a lifestyle blogger vs. a beauty blogger, I decided to change my blog name to Not Your Average Sardines. I feel like it really makes it personal and people relate to personal.

So there you have it, day #1 of my May blog challenge. Since I'm behind a day, I am off to write my Day #2 post.

See you in a sec!