November 27, 2012

Day off on Hump Day and I'm excited!!!

Hey Beauts,

         Well, it's finally here, the hump that we all just want to get over. I am off today and that makes me so happy. Although I will be running like a chicken with it's head cut off, I will be heading to either MAC or Sephora within the course of the day. I am on the hunt for a lavender blush (Yes, Lavender) and/or a lipstick from MAC called 'Rebel'. I saw it in a Youtube video and must have it. I unfortunately can't afford both (waaaaaaaah) but I will be purchasing one of them. I am planning on blogging and vlogging about some of my favorite fall blushes and lipsticks, so stay tuned for that. I love all of my viewers and member/subscribers (few that there are) and I hope my tips, tricks and reviews help you all out. Talk to you all soon!

November 25, 2012

Beauty Secret: Tight-lining

Hey Beauty Queens,

               I'm sorry I haven't done much actual 'Blogging' lately because I have been 'vlogging' alot on my Youtube Channel. If you haven't seen my Youtube page yet, then you need to check it out! :D

              Tonight I am going to give you a beauty secret called 'tight-lining'. If you know what it is, then that is awesome and you know how important it is. If not, then your in for a treat. So, lets get started!

               In order to tight-line, you will need:
  • A pencil eyeliner closest to the shade the you lined your eyes with
  • a Steady hand
So, what exactly is tight-lining you ask? Well, basically it is lining your top waterline. This makes a huge difference in how your finished eye looks. Have you ever lined your eyes only to notice that you can still see flesh colored flecks in between your last line? Well, tight-lining helps to give your eyes that super solid black look and it also helps your lashes to appear more full.

I usually look up at the sky to perform this maneuver, and you will want your pencil to be on the dull side because you don't want to poke your eyeball. So look up and , in small strokes, line the top waterline. I attempted to take a before and after shot but none of the pictures were doing the look justice. Just try it for yourself to see the difference!

That's my little beauty secret! Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Bye guys!




November 18, 2012

Bargain Makeup Mini Haul

Hey everybody,

            Here is my latest vlog post all about my mini bargain makeup haul. This includes my feelings about the e.l.f line. So, like it up! And don't forget to subscribe! :D

Thanks for watching!

November 13, 2012

Hot Trend Alert: Bold Lips

Hey all you Beauties out there in cyberspace,

              Well it's Friday and that means it was payday for moi and payday equals shopping. I ended up in Sephora (Yes, when I say "ended up" I mean "made a bee line for it") and I really wanted to find a bold and funky lip color. You know when you go into Sephora there is like a rainbow of lip colors and a huge variety of brands to choose from. I was looking for more of my normal, pink, red or coral but I noticed a purple color from Makeup Forever and instantly fell in love. Bold lips are a huge deal for the season and I gotta say, I'm lovin' it. I just love how diverse all the color palettes are. It's super exciting. But some people (including myself at one time) feel like it takes alot to pull off bold lips. They think it will wash them out or that people will look at them funny. Well, here are a few pointers for pulling off bold lips.

Tip #1
Bold lips are fun, a raspberry color in the fall can warm up any look. A hot pink in the summer can make a beach day your very own photo shoot and a cherry red can make anything look good. But sometimes people underestimate the power of a bold lip. They go way too far. When thinking bold lips, think in terms of less is more. You really don't need a whole whack of eye shadow on your eyes to pull of the bold lips. My first tip is, when wearing bold lips, take it easy on the eyes. A naked eye will allow the lipstick to do all the talking. I like a do a matte skin toned shadow all over (up to the brow) and a thin winged liner on top. On the bottom I usually opt for a gold or white liner. This gives definition without screaming overdone.

Tip #2
Bold lips are fun but only if the color lasts. I have learned this lesson the hard way. I have got out of my house with some awesome, sexy bold lips but by the time I arrive at my destination, the lipstick has worn off and only lines my lips. This is a problem alot of us have and I find when I skip this step, I regret it later. Here's the deal: You want to apply your lipstick (preferably with liner but that doesn't always happen), Blot, reapply, blot and reapply again. This seems like alot of work but trust me when I say, you will notice the difference. You can even apply a dab of translucent powder between coats as well and you can do a third round of application for a more intense color, if you desire.

Tip #3
Take your time. This is the most important tip because the way you apply bold lipstick defines the way it will looks at the end of the process. Sometimes life gets rushed and we just need to hurry out the door, but lipstick defines the look and you never want to rush a high pigmented color. High pigmented colors can leave a stain when removed, therefore no matter what you do to try and remove it, there will always be a faint stain. My thing is, follow your natural lip line if possible and if the lip line is undefined, then use a lip pencil in the closest shade to the lip stick color you are using. This will help give an even shape.

Tip #4
My final tip for you is, wear your lipstick with confidence! Sometimes when trying something new that no one has seen you in before can make us self conscience that people are staring and lets be honest, sometimes when someone walks into a room with bright orangy red lipstick we tend to notice that first. But when someone walks into the room and shows that no matter what anyone thinks, they feel fabulous, that's when these colors work.

I hope this little list of tips gives you some food for thought and helped you decide if the bold lips trend is for you. Remember, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', so if you think your beautiful, the world will too. So go out and rock those bold lips!

Up Next on The OBQ: Ever heard of 'tight lining'? If not, you'll want to check out my next post AND my review of E.L.F is coming soon too! Stay Tuned...


November 01, 2012

Makeup Photoshoot: Dita Von Tease

Hey BQ's,

       It's me again and this time it's just to show you a makeup tutorial that I tried! It's very exciting because it's the first makeup tutorial I have ever attempted. It was a makeup tutorial off of a channel I am subscribe too called Pixiwoo. It is an excellent channel that follows two British ladies who are both makeup artists. Their tutorials are amazing and I can't wait to try more. Anyways, for your reference, is the video that I followed.

Ofcourse her makeup looks immaculate! But this was my attempt.

 Not bad in my opinion. Those were some of my best shots but there are a crap load more on my facebook page. The OBQ on Facebook This look was relatively easy to do, the only thing I can say is that in the video they are using really high-end products (they are makeup artists...DUH!) and most of my products were drugstore varieties.

Anyways, that's that. I uploaded a new Youtube video all about this post and what not so check it out and don't forget to subscribe. The OBQ on Youtube

Thanks a bill guys! Muah! X