February 18, 2014

Bathtime Diaries: The Lush Magic Wand ♥

Hello Beautiful People!

            Welcome to a new series on my blog all about bathtime. I am a huge bath fan and I love trying new and exciting bath treats. Alot of these will be based on Lush Cosmetics products because they are my latest bathtime obsession but I will be checking out some other bath time treats as well. Today I talking about the Lush Magic Wand.

I saw this wand on a few Lush Hauls on Youtube and I knew I needed it. It smells of their signature snow fairy scent in solid bubble bar version. Since this product is only seasonal I could not seem to find a list of ingredients on the website.

This bubble bar looks like a magic wand, and I mean a star on a stick! It also sports some tiny tinkly bells to really amp up the magic factor. When you run this tantalizing wand under the water or swirl into water if you so prefer, it create nice bubbles and gives the water a soft pink tint.

If I had to have one complaint about the wand, it would be that it does not give off enough scent for my liking. It smells fantastic in general but it does not transfer into the bath water itself. It does create a nice mountain of bubbles too.

Sadly, as mentioned this is a seasonal product (in Canada anyways) and runs for about $10 CAD. I would repurchase this for a few reasons, it smell so yummy and because I got about 12 baths out of it, and that was using it liberally.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and I am off to finish my magic wand off.

Night Night

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