About Me!

I am a sister, friend and cat mother. I am 25 years old which means I'm only 5 years away from the dirty 30. I'm currently working in a retail setting full time and blog part time. My future goals it to do this, full time. 

I am Canadian and reside in the GTA burbs.

I have a 8 year old cat named Bugsy (after the gangster lol) and he is literally my child. 

The name Not Your Average Sardines stems from a nickname I got at work and it sort of stuck. I will post about the full story one of these days but until then, let me assure you, it's not because I look like, eat or smell like a sardine. 

This blog with give you something to read that will hopefully make an impact on your life. I focus mainly on beauty but you will find recipes, adventures and more. 

Thank you for reading, I would be nowhere if it wasn't for y'all (My Ma is a Texan).

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