February 12, 2014

How to clean & disinfect your makeup brushes ♥

Hello Beautiful People!

            In honor of my day off, I decided to clean my makeup brushes. If you watched my January Favorites video, you know they needed a good bath. I get alot of people asking me how to wash and disinfect makeup brushes. The best part of this is that it doesn't take a store bought brush cleaner to clean your brushes properly. I did post a video on youtube a while back but since things always change, I have updated this since then. This way of washing your brushes take a few simple ingredients, ingredients that you can pick up at the dollar store even.

If you take makeup seriously, as I do (obviously, I blog/vlog about it), then cleaning your makeup brushes is very important. Cleaning your makeup prevents alot of things, some of which being, acne, buildup and clogged pores. It is generally recommended to clean your makeup brushes once a week. I am going to confess that I don't do so as often as I should. I usually wait till they are hard to use or I am breaking out. Do not follow my example! Anywho...let's jump into it, shall we...

 Here is my brush cleaning recipe:

♥1 c. Warm water
♥2 Tbsp. Baby Shampoo (you can use dish soap but this helps to condition the bristles and they give a sweeter scent)
♥1 Tbsp. Rubbing Alcohol (I used to use vinegar but switched it up. Vinegar works well in a bind)
♥Optional: Makeup Remover (I usually add this to the mix when I am cleaning my eye brushes, they tend to be tougher to clean due to waterproof product)

A few other items you will need:

♥A pair of clean hands
♥Clean Luke warm water (or a sink)
♥A clean hand towel
♥A jar or container

Step #1-

In a container of some sort, add your ingredients and then stir with one of your makeup brushes. Submerge a few makeup brushes. Do not crowd the brushes but fit as many as will fit comfortably. Let soak for atleast 2 mins.

 Step #2

Taking brushes one at a time, swirl bristles vigorously in the palm of your hand or on the back of your hand (I usually switch half way through because my palms get wrinkled from the water). Make sure to press down to spread the bristles and get all the guck out. Once you have scrubbed to our hearts content (a.k.a when your are satisfied with the cleanliness) dip into a container of clean luke warm water or run under tap of warm water. Once the water runs clear, squeeze out access water.

Step #3

Before placing the bursh down to dry, reshape bristles. 

Step #4-
 Lay the brushes on a clean dry towel.


Cleaning Makeup Sponges

Before cleaning sponges make a fresh mixture of cleaning solution.

Step #1-

Submerge makeup sponges in container or mixture, make sure that the sponges soak in the products. Let sit for atleast 2 mins.

Step #2-

Take sponges and message between fingers to distribute cleaning mixture. 

Step #3-

Run under hot water, messaging as you go, and then squeezing out the access. Take a towel and squeeze access water out until damp. Lay on towel to dry. Keep in mind that sponges will never been 100% clean or stain free. These tool absorb alot of product and it is extremely difficult to get ALL the product out of these.

Once your brushes are dry, they are ready to use. I love this mixture because it combines the softness and scent of baby shampoo but also gets them squeaky clean with the alcohol and makeup remover. And it is much cheaper than commercial cleaners that don't work and cost a fortune.  

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to clean and disinfect your makeup brushes. If you try this at home, please share via facebook or even instagram using the hashtag #ThePPbrushcleaner . Tell me below how you liked the mixture or even share tips on how you clean your brushes. 

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