May 27, 2013

My Experience-Review

Hey Dolls,

My First Free Pair of Glasses

      I am going to write a short review of this amazing website called Clearly Contacts. First off, I would like to say, I am not in anyway affiliated with the company Clearly Contacts. This is based upon my personal experience with the company. Now that, that is said and done, let's move on. I work a very part-time retail job and have absolutely no benefits which leaves me with cavities and no eye glass coverage either. I needed a new pair of glasses for sometime and decided to give Clearly Contacts a try. I had seen many commercials and it seemed too good to be true. There main claim was 'First Pair Free'. This ofcourse would seem like a scam but to my surprise after searching through a wide array of glasses both designer and generic, I found that after entering a special code that my frames and lenses were deducted from my bills. This left me with a $14 shipping and handling fee. I couldn't have been more thrilled. Let me explain a few more details before you jump on this site right now! First thing is first, most optical retails shops sell frames and lenses at a separate cost. Clearly Contacts includes the price of basic lenses in your total bill. The only time you pay extra for lenses if you choose specialty lenses, for instances, anti-glare or transitions. I personally just took the basics.

I loved the selection of classes I saw. There was page after page and they have even more recently added Ray Bands to their line up. Pretty impressive if you ask little ol' moi. My favorite brand thus far has been a brand called 'Love'. Almost all their frames feature cute little hearts on the frames. Super cute and I have purchased two pairs so far.

The ordering process is pretty general  but one thing got me. Most optometrist have no probably giving you a copy of your prescription but as a rule they do not give you a PD reading (pupil distance). This is something needed to get glasses so you must calculate it on your own. The website does feature a how-to video and I found Youtube pretty helpful as well. This would be my only con as it was a little complicated.

I have purchased two pairs of glasses since I first found out about this site and my first pair was indeed free (except shipping and handling) and my second pair was on sale for $38. I suggest signing up for their emails because they always have some great deals going on. (On Valentines Day, all the Love brand glasses were a mere $14!!!)

Alright, you can go get your free pair now...:) Your Welcome!

Please tell me about your experiences with Clearly Contacts!!! I would love to hear whether you loved it as much as I did.

Thanx for reading

Love Sarah

May 22, 2013

What Does This Comb Do? A List of Basic Combs and What Each One Does.

Hey Dolls,

        How is everyone doing on this fine hump day? Good I hope. Hump day is usually the light at the end of the tunnel when we realize that the weekend is near so that usually settles it as a 'happy' day. I had a big day and I must say I am exhausted! Yawn. But I am trying to be more consistent with my blog post so here I am, plugging through to write this blog post for y'all! ;)

So, let me set the mood for you. You walk into your favorite beauty supply store to grab a comb for your purse. You walk by tons of glorious nail polish and drool. Then comes the hair color and you find yourself thinking of what do color your hair next. Moving on you catch a whiff of a lovely smelling shampoo and then you finally hit the combs section. All you want is a small pocket comb but you are confronted with comb after comb and you have no idea what each one does. That's why I'm here! Here is a few of the most common combs and what each one does.

Wide Tooth Comb

 This comb can come with or without a handle and usually sports long quite spaced out teeth. These usually come in plastic and sometimes wood. This comb is usually used to free large loose tangles. Another common use is for distributing conditioners or other treatments through out the hair. Alot of people use this comb to detangle while in the shower or use it to comb through wet hair. This comb can be used on pretty much any hair type.


 This comb usually features two rows of teeth. The teeth are close together so that little hair gets through without detangling a knot. This kind of comb is usually used to detangle tighter knots and usually causes less damage. This comb is best used in wet hair in combination with a detangling spray. This comb is best used in thicker hair types.

Tail Comb or Rat Tail Comb

 This combs usually feature close together, fine teeth with a long tapered pick on the end. These combs are used to smooth and part hair when styling. The comb side can be used to smooth and tease hair. The pick is used for anything from parting hair to foil highlights. Some tail comes feature a metal pick for highlights. This comb can be used on all hair types.

Flipside Comb

This has to be goofiest looking comb around but this thing is a one-tool wonder. It features teeth used to tease, smooth and detangle. The end features a pick comb which can be made of either dipped metal or plastic prongs. This is the ultimate styling comb!

Pick Comb or Afro Pick 

 This comb features a large vertical handle with long downward teeth. These are usually made of plastic. A common misconception on these bad boys is that they are meant for Afro type hair styles. WRONG! These can be used to add height to anyone's hair.

Teasing Comb

 These combs can have many different features. Most have a long tapered pick similar to that of a tail comb. They sometimes feature three rows of teeth that can either be made of plastic or boar. Sometimes the teeth just vary in height. These are used to tease the hair and add volume. Any form of teasing can cause breakage so only use these on healthy, strong hair.

So, there you have it. Some basic comb types and what they do. There are many variations of each comb so they may look different than the ones shown above. I will post a brush directory in a few days so stay tuned. If you have any questions about any of the combs shown or have a question about a comb not shown please leave a comment below and I will try my very best to answer your request.  Thank you all for reading and see you soon!



May 15, 2013

Blog Name Change and My reason behind it

Hey Guys,

     Hope all of you beautiful people had a great hump day! We are officially 15 minutes from Thursday...Yay! Did you guys get a chance to read my last blog post about coconut oil? I have been using it and I will give you an update shortly! Anyways, if you haven't noticed already, the blog name has changed and I am not the Pretty Pauper rather than the Opinionated Beauty Queen. What is my reasoning behind it?

I have recently been on a budget, trying to save money and pay down some bills I have banging at my door. I have been avoiding Sephora like the plague! Their stuff is great, but their prices can be outrageous. I really want to focus on makeup and hair products for people like me who are on a budget but still want to look fabulous! That being said, I will still be splurging here and there and I will be sharing via my blog and youtube channel which will make the transition from the OBQ to the Pretty Pauper shortly! Thank you to all my loyal readers and see you all soon! XXO


May 11, 2013

Coconut Oil Love

Hey Everyone,

           I know I have been MIA for a while and I am so sorry to all my subscribers and regular readers. Life has been exceptionally crazy this last little while but things have slowed down alot with work and such. My Dad was admitted into a long term care facility a while back and we have just been getting used to the idea and how to work our schedules around it and everything. Work was really crazy for a while but we hired a second worker and now my hours got sliced in half so I have a bit more time on my hands.

          Anyways, enough with my babbling and on to Coconut Oil. I have heard countless good things about this "miracle" oil through pinterest, television and other sources so I obviously needed to try it for myself. I went to a bulk store near my work and picked it up for about $7 CAD. Some of the claimed presented are:

-Hair Growth
-Skin Care
-Weight Management

These are the three categories with subcategories ranging from long hair  to moisturized hair, Blemish Control to eye makeup remover, Speeding metabolism to diabetes management. I only purchased the oil yesterday so I haven't really been able to give it a good try as of yet but I did get a chance to test a few things.

Last night I washed my hair but skipped the conditioner, then after towel drying my hair I took some of the solidified oil in my hand and ran it through my hair, scalp to end. After I was done distrubing the oil I wrapped my hair in a turban towel. Left it in for about an hour while I watched tv. I rinsed it out without shampoo before hitting the sack. When  I woke up my hair was a hot mess let me tell you. The oil was still clinging to my hair as in it looked wet. So, I jumped in the shower and washed with shampoo and it came out clean. My hair does seem alot shiner and lusty. I mainly bought it for the hair growth claims so I will let you know. I plan on doing things a bit differently next time though. Perhaps not washing my hair, putting the oil in and then washing it out with shampoo in the morning. This may work a bit better.

Another claim I was reading last night was that it can heal and prevent cavities. Now I do not have dental benefits and I will try anything to help me avoid going to the dentist. I know I have a few cavities and some bad ones that need to be pulled but I can't afford any extractions right now so I will try whatever I can. Anywho, I decided to do a dental pulling which basically consisted of my swishing melted coconut oil around my mouth for 10 minutes, spitting and then rinsing. I haven;t noticed the benefits yet because I have only attempted this once but I do plan on doing this atleast twice a week so we shall see what result come on it. So, far that is all I have had a chance to try but I will try some other stuff too and write an update blog in a few weeks. :)

Please give me any tips and tricks you may have involving coconut oil!

P.S- This stuff taste great and very pure. Make sure you get virgin coconut oil this stuff can be used for cooking and baking along with your beauty needs! Double Wammy! Also, Please take a moment to answer my poll about what you use coconut oil for! D Thanks in advance.