August 28, 2014

Suzy Shier Nail Polish Review ♥

Today we are going to talk 'real bargains'! If you know me personally, then you know that I am literally a nail polish junkie. And if you don't know me personally then Im here to tell you, I AM A NAIL POLISH JUNKIE! Being a junkie basically means that you have every color in the rainbow but you still don't have EVER color in the freaking rainbow, you follow? Anyways, I am always on the hunt for the next big color or even just a color that I have never seen before. Whilst shopping with my sister and our best friend Mikayla (SHOUT OUT!) a few weeks back (I mean like 2 month ago lol) at Urban Planet, I saw these two awesome colors of polish in the 'impulse buy' section near the checkout. Ok, so I work in a beauty supply store so I usually don't buy alot of polish outside of my work, let alone a clothing store polish, but I caved because I had been looking for similar colors everywhere. They were only $2.80 before tax, so I thought how could I go wrong? I ended up buying two, a pale green and a fun bright lavender shade. I will be honest in saying that I didn't have very high hopes for these guys. I was expecting a polish that lasted an hour and then chipped off, but boy was I wrong! I really gave this polish a run for it's money. After a day of opening boxes stocking shelves and typing on a register all day, the polish was still in tact! Plus, not only did it last a day, but it lasted 4 days and even still looked great! I took it off mainly to change colors. I do, however, have a few minor complaints about this product.
#1- Odd shaped bottle. This bottle is a rectangular cube shape, so the brush handle is a bit bulky to hold steadily.

#2- Uneven application on lighter colors. The Lavender went on nice and smooth with two coats. The green, however, took a bit more work. 3 coats and still a bit uneven.

#3- Don't have shade names. These guys do not have names!!! Gahhh! So frustrating! So, when someone says 'I love your nail shade!', Im all like, 'thanks! It's the lavender looking on at Urban Planet'. This is super annoying.

So, beside a few minor, and I do mean trivially minor, flaws, I would say this polish is awesome and surprisingly good. I would say for the $2.80, these are a steal. Go get them now!

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