April 01, 2014

SPLURGE ALERT!! The Beauty Blender First Impression ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

            I am sorry that I have been away for a while but here I am again. I know I have been flip flopping around lately but I do have a few posts and videos for you all coming soon. Anyways here is today's post.

           This past weekend I had an event that I went to and I did some serious damage to my bank account. I know, not very 'Pauper' friendly, but I needed some things and I also caved and purchased some items that I have been wanting for a while. Some things that I purchased were the MAC pro longwear concealer, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, the Anastasia brow pomade and FINALLY the Beauty Blender!!!! I have been wanting this sponge for a while but it is just so darn expensive. I used 'dupe' after dupe and finally caved and dropped the $26 for this pricey little sponge. I have only used it once so far and I thought I would share my first impression. So here we go...

             Fist thing I noticed about this sponge is that it defiantly has a different feeling than most beauty sponges. It is soft and squishy which I was not expecting. I wet this sponge, per usual, and it expanded to about twice the size. I squeezed the excess water and then squeezed between a towel to remove any left over water. You want this sponge damp and not sopping wet! I dispensed my foundation on my hard and them lightly tap the Beauty Blender into product. Before I tapped it on my face I tapped off the excess on my hand and I did notice right away that it really did blend it out, even for just one tap. I only used this to apply my foundation and concealer. Alot of guru's will use it to blend out contour and such but I didnt want mine to end up too dirty.

         So, how do I feel about this new tool? Well, I really like it. It does blend out the makeup nicely and evenly. It has a very soft and bouncy texture which makes it easy to maneuver into hard to reach areas.  Now, that being said, I DO NOT get the super hype over this tool. Alot of youtubers and blogger swear by this, but I (so far) don't understand why people are in love with it. I also think that it is very over priced. I mean $26 for a makeup sponge? Kinda nuts. I would say for all of you guys on a budget you can get some decent dupes for much cheaper. I would say that I have not found one thus far that has an identical texture, but I don't feel like the outcome is so different that it would be worth spending the extra cash. Do I regret buying it? No, not at all. It was a nice splurge and I do really like it. I have resolved only to use it for special occasions where I need perfect makeup. You can purchase a solid cleaner for it but it is also $26 so I thought I would pass that up. Remember this is only a first impression. It has only been used once and I look forward to giving you a full video review soon.

I also thought I would share a picture of my makeup and outfit for my event this weekend.

Top -Forever 21
Necklace- Walmart

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Thank you for reading. Until next time...


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