May 19, 2014

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Space ♥

Hello all you beauties out there,

              Hope you are all having a fantastic day and if you happy to live in the Canadian region, I hope you are all having a fantastic day off. For alot of people the long weekend in May is a spring cleaning weekend. The weather usually co-operates and allows for cleaning everything from garages to car, kitchen cupboards to laundry rooms. I took advantage of the day off to get my space cleaned. My space is basically my bedroom with doubles as my makeup room, so you could imagine the mess that piles up. Ofcourse there are things that need to get done on a daily/weekly basis, but a 'spring clean' is a nice way to really deep clean and declutter. I thought i would share a few tips that hopefully will help you get clean and organized in your space, whatever that may be. 


-This is a good time to really deep clean and disinfect your brushes. This should be done on a weekly basis but sometimes we forget and things get built up, so really take the time to clean these bad boys. Click here for my full tutorial.

-I have makeup everywhere in my room. I have the drawers of my vanity, as well as an acyclic holder on my vanity. I also have a small Rubbermaid tower that hold the makeup that I do not use. I like to take this opportunity to switch out my Fall/winter makeup for my spring/summer makeup. 

-Take a damp clothe and wipe down all the makeup that may have accumulated dust over the winter

-Go there hair accessories and jewellery and throw away/donate stuff you don't use

-Also sift through makeup/nail polish you don't use or that may have gone bad and throw away. 

- I like to go through my nail polish bag and switch out my winter colors for my summer colors and throw away old cotton balls, qtips, buffer and files


-Go through closet and decide what you don't want. This can be difficult because you may find it difficult to part with certain items. Donate or Sell what you don't need. Plato's Closet is a thrift shop that actually purchases gently used accessories, clothes and shoes. So if you need some extra cash, take your goods on over. Donate everything else. 

-Vacuum closet floor and panels

-Refold all your clothes and organize by bottoms, tops and PJ's

-If you are switching winter clothes for Spring clothes, make sure you wash the stuff that has been in storage

-Wipe down shoes and purses that have been tucked away

-Organize scarves using hooks on the back of your door


-Take everything out from under your bed and throw away what you don't need

-Move bed around, if possible and vacuum underneath

-Strip mattress and sprinkle with baking soda, you can also mix baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Let with for atleast 30 minutes and then vacuum, make sure your vacuuming need the seams as that is a dust mites favorite place to hide

-Take this opportunity to wash sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers

-Dust bed frame

-Dust window sill


-Use furniture polish to dust of wooden surfaces

-Dust around pictures and frames

-Windex Mirrors and glass/plastic objects

-Vacuum baseboards

-Vacuum Carpets thoroughly

-Vacuum curtains

Finally, take a seat and relax, you have worked hard to clean the space you call home. I hope these tips really helped you and gave you some inspiration for your next major clean.

Until next time...

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  1. Wow! You really got everything covered there. I love how you divided your cleaning into those categories. Oh well, if that's what made it easier for you to clean, right? Anyway, the way you put up your chores made them seem easy to do. Thanks for sharing them! I know they would be of great help to many people out there. All the best to you!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean