May 02, 2015

May Blog Challenge- Day #1 Your Blog's Name

Hello all my fellow Sardines,

                  So, I have decided to take part in a monthly blog challenge! Jump with me! If you aren't familiar with what a "blog challenge" is, I shall explain. So, for 1 month, count em, 1, I have to try and post once a day. Now, I am behind a day but it's better late than never, right? I found this challenge via Pinterest (Pst! If you aren't already following me, there is a link in the side bar).

So, how about we get started?

Today, we discuss my Blog Name. I know alot of you wonder why my blog has a name like "Not Your Average Sardine" and you have merit for wondering LOL I mean, who names their blog after an oily fish that  comes in a peel back can? About 2 years ago When a new girl named Nora started at my place of work, I began calling her 'Noreen" eventually to balance out my calling her 'Noreen" she began calling me Sardines, because you know my name is "Sarah". Make sense? Not really? lol

Regardless as to whether it made sense of not, it stuck and my nickname is now Sardines. Gotta love when one of the girls calls my nickname and the customers look all confused.

I eventually changed my Instagram name (Again, if you aren't following me on IG, the link is in the side bar) to Not Your Average Sardines. Because unlike real-deal sardines, I do not live in an oil slicked can or get eaten and I'm not a fish, I am a human. See? Not an average sardine? When I decided to become a lifestyle blogger vs. a beauty blogger, I decided to change my blog name to Not Your Average Sardines. I feel like it really makes it personal and people relate to personal.

So there you have it, day #1 of my May blog challenge. Since I'm behind a day, I am off to write my Day #2 post.

See you in a sec!

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