May 09, 2015

#livelovesimple Challenge- Day #10 Best Trip of Your Life

Hello Friends, 

         First off, I need to apologize for being so rotten about keeping up with my challenge. I have been going through some personal stuff and I just couldn't bring myself to type anything out. I will go back after I finish the challenge and complete the ones I skipped, but for now, I am just going to plug it out. So today we are going to talk about, THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE <---imagine this in a comic blast. 

          I got to be honest in saying that I haven't been on alot of major trips in my lifetime. When I was a few years old, I was in Texas where I met my cousins for the first and last time. The only thing I remember is that my cousin Jacob bit my finger. My Mom tells me about how I walked around for weeks holding my finger in the air and telling everyone how 'Jacob bit my finger'. The last major trip was when I was about 14 and we went to Kentucky to visit my Grandmother. The only thing I remember about that trip was listening to Enrique Iglesias all the way there and how my older brother and sister got into a fist fight. FYI: They were both married, which made them old, too old to be fist fighting over the bed. Oh, I also remember my Mom having a panic attack when we stopped singing, looked around and realized my 12 year old sister wasn't in the car after stopping to get gas...*Spoiler Alert* She was in the other car group. 

         Yeah I haven't had the pleasure of going on any major trips in my lifetime, however, let's me tell you about the best trip I have ever had. A trip full of cocktails before 11AM, falling off of trampolines, soul searching and weird confessions. It was the trip my sister and I took to our best friends cottage two summers ago. 

          I remember her telling us about her cottage when she asked us to go. I think it all sounded like fun and games until she told us that it used to be a hotel in the olden days, then I had this image of a creepy motel in the middle of no where, where would be murdered in our beds lol. Since we would literally be vegging for 4 days and not going anywhere, we went to the liquor store and stocked up. Oh, and we got some food. The first night we didn't drink until dinner but by the 3rd day, it was cocktails at breakfast. We spent most of our nights making bonfires, and by bonfires I mean a few twigs and about half the pack of Fire starters Mikayla's Dad has sent with us. Oh, and on our last night, our garbage...aaaaaaand the rest of the fire starters. Lesson learned: Don't get stuck on a desert island with us because we will starve and freeze to death. We are city girls, WE WILL FAIL YOU!

Now, shall we sit around this bonfire gif as I relate some tales from the cottage. 


On our first day, it was my night to make dinner. I opted for peorgies and Cesar salad. Now, Mikayla's cottage has running water, but the water comes from the lake, which means it has not been filtered.The lake me sorta bathed in, and dumped our dirty dishwater in. As we are eating our quite delicious dinner (jk, this was not my finest meal) Mikayla asked me how I rinsed the lettuce for the salad. I proceeded to tell them that I rinsed it in the sink as we all had forkfuls of salad in our mouths. You can all guess what happened to the rest of the salad. 

There was a trampoline at the cottage, and we mostly used it to tan. Before I start this story, I should explain, this trampoline was quite high off the ground. One day, as we were about to go in the cottage to make lunch, I was trying to get off the trampoline whilst lying down. I basically rolled straight off. I am pretty sure I blacked out for like a second. Needless to say Jasmine and Mikayla laughed for a solid hour after it happened. 

One more story has to do with the night we has a real bang up storm. The cottage was over the water and I'm pretty sure the wind was so strong, I felt it moving. The lights kept flickering and we thought we might die. Mikayla's room was right across from ours and we were super terrified. We decided to take our friendship with Mikayla to the next level and ask to sleep in her bed because we were legit terrified lol. I proceed to cross the hall (this was even more scary because at the end of that hall was a swinging screen door), I creak Mik's door open, I said, "Mikayla? Are you awake?",
"Yes." Says Mikayla
I chickened out of asking her to sleep in her bed. So I add libbed here...
"Just wanted to let you know there is a bad Storm outside,"
Meanwhile, her window is shaking off the pane, the lightening strikes every few seconds and the thunder is crashing...
"I know" Said Mikayla.
"K, goodnight!" i said...then quickly closed the door. 

Although it may not have been as glamorous as we expected, it was a great trip. We star gazed on the last night, it was amazing. We took a canoe ride, and I panicked while swimming to the dock. What an excellent time with our best friend. It was defiantly a trip we will remember forever. 

Until tomorrow friends...


  1. Lol I remember that night. I was very confused, now it all makes sense

    1. I thought it was time you knew the truth LOL