April 27, 2015

Dissecting a space- My Closet/Alex 9-Drawer

Good Day my little snow cones,
    First things first, sorry for not posting a blog this Friday. My week had just been to crazy to work on anything but I'm back at it. Today we are going to continue with the home deco theme with a new series called 'dissecting a space'. In this series, we will take a space in my house and dissect the decor, I hope you will get some inspiration from this and I will also tell you where alot of my pieces came from.
       Today, we are dissecting my closet/Alex 9-drawer area. This happens to be one of my favorite spots in my room. It really pulls my room together and helps me keep my space organized. So, let's begin...

I picked up the black dot decals your see in the first pictures with the mirror and around my closet from chapters. These guys were on clearance for $6.00 originally $19.95. They also had these in gold with I thought were cute but I think it would have looked strange against my cream walls. My mirror I picked up at Ikea a while back. It reminds me of a Disney mirror for some reason. Maybe something from snow white. 

Alex 9-Drawer: Ikea
Hanging shelf: Not sure, it was given to me

Print: Chapters
Candle: Bath & Body works

Books: Various Places
Paris Hideaway Book: Micheal's
Candle and cake Stand: Bath & Body Works
Frame: Ikea

Brush Holders (Vases): Ikea
Jar: DIY

Clear Cosmetic Holder: Target

Deer Canvas: Spring Ridge Farms (Local)

I hope you enjoyed and I hope I inspired you to create! Until next time...

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