May 11, 2015

#livelovesimple Challenge - Day#11 My 10 Favourite Foods

Hello friends,

        Well, we have already reached day 11 - My 10 favourite Foods.

I think these posts are a little weird, because what am I supposed to say about the foods...? Like, am I supposed to descride how the cheese is melted on my pizza?

Such a weird post but here we go...

1. Shawarma, If you have not had the pleasure of eating some delish garlicky shawarma with rice, you are sorely missing out. So far, the restaurant who makes the best shawarma has by far been a little restaurant here in Oakville called Agabi, So. freaking. good!!!!

2. Pizza. Whoever doesn't like pizza is lying. It's pizza! What is not to like? It's dough with tomato sauce and cheese, baked to golden melted deliciousness.

3. Burgers and Fries. I love burgers and fries because there are so many ways to make it taste different. Prime example, hit up The Works Burger Bistro in Oakville. They have a full page on the menu of burger combinations. They even have burgers with peanut butter on them. I am more of the goat cheese and sauteed peppers kinda gal.

4. Mashed Potatoes. Nuff said.

5. Sauteed Mushrooms. I love a good bowl full of sauteed mushrooms with a steak. I could eat the bowl on it's own, that would satisfy me.

6. Spaghetti. I think spaghetti and meat sauce is a super quick and simple dish that truly satisfies.

7. Mashed Squash. My mom makes probably the best mashed butternut squash of life. She basically cubes and bakes this with brown sugar, onions, red and green peppers, then mashes it all up. She usually serves it up with her roast beef. Nom!

8. General Thai. I love thai food in general, but this is my favourite. I love the breaded chicken smothered in that sweet yet spicy sauce. I'm drooling.

9. Chicken Roti. I have not has a good chicken roti since my sister moved out of the Scarborough area. So far, I have not found any drool worth roti spots in this area. I love this meal because it can be more than one meal. If you go to a good spot, you usually get a massive roti that can be divided to make two potions. It's also extremely hearty.

10. Pork Souvlaki. A lemony, garlicky skewer of pork smothered in garlic sauce. Gaaaah!

I flipping love food!


I was watching Eat, Pray, Love for the first time the other night and the only part I loved was the part where she *Spoiler Alert* goes to Italy and all she does is eat! I want to do that. I drooled the whole time.

Until tomorrow...

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