May 26, 2015

D.I.Y - Chic Metallic Garden Flamingo

Hello friends,

       First off I must apologize for being so rotten about the challenge, I have failed miserably. I will explain why, a few weeks back, my cheek literally swelled to the point where it looked like I had a golf ball stuck in my cheek. I ended up on anti biotic for two weeks. Anywho, my dental appointment is this week and I DREAD going to the dentist. I know I have some teeth problems I need to work through and I don't like hearing about it all the time. That is why I hate the dentist. Anywho, I have spent the last two weeks mentally preparing myself for Thursdays ordeal, so my mind has been pre- occupied.

   I decided to share a weekend DIY with you guys today. Lately, I have been into gardening. To be 100% honest, I used to hate the thought of gardening. You know, the worms, the dirt, the bugs, yik!! Anyways, I recently planted a hydrangea and a rose bush, which I am super excited about. I wanted to add some lawn ornaments but my mom refused to let me have the ones I wanted. What I wanted was a lawn flamingo but without the tack factor. I used pinterest and found a really cute set that were a metallic rose gold. They looked super chic but cost my right arm so I decided to come up with a DIY. This project is super easy and only takes a day to do. So, without further ado, let's get this thang started...

What you will need:

- A plastic garden flamingo (I got mine at the dollar store for around $3.00 but it's a little smaller than I would have liked. I would check home depot for a.better one)
- A can of gold, rose gold or silver spray paint (I used the shade nickel with a satin finish) Also, make sure this is an outdoor paint.
- Old newspapers
- A garden (duh!)

First things first, if your flamingo comes with the legs already attached, remove legs. Mine did not, so this step was unnecessary. 

Next, lay down some old news papers down to protect the surface you are working on.

Lay your flamingo down on its side. You will need to paint each side separately. Be patient!!
Shake the can for a good minute or so to get the pigments nice and mixed up. 

Spray the flamingo in sweeping motions until covered. Note: Depending on the brand of spray paint, you may need to build the color on. Allow to dry for about 25 minutes. Flip and repeat. You will need to allow it to dry for a good two hours in between coats. Mine was covered in about 3 coats. Hot pink is super hard to cover so you can still see the slight hints of pink when harsh light hits it. 

I let it dry overnight to make sure it's good and dry. Reattach those body members and stake in your garden. 

I staked it in front of my rose bush. This gives the garden a chic Alice in Wonderland vibe. 

Bonus: Here is a little sneak peek of a pot of miniature roses I picked up at Walmart. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun little garden DIY. 

Until next time loves...

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