April 03, 2015

The Beginners Guide to Makeup

Hello my little sprinkle donuts,

       All of us makeup junkies have been there. Using sponge applicators to apply shadow, using those useless triangle sponges to apply our foundation, buying eye shadows that we knew we would never wear just because the color was pretty.
       Although developing good makeup skills is a process, I wish that someone had been there to get me on the road to good makeup from the beginning. Like a makeup fairy god mother. For all you makeup rookies who want to venture to the makeup isle, here are some of my top tips for beginning your makeup journey.

Invest in good, yet affordable makeup brushes.
You do not need to have jars, on jars, on jars of makeup brushes on your vanity like you see in all those bloggers 'makeup rooms'. Alot of the time, vloggers/bloggers have brushes sent to them for promo purposes. Getting a good set of brushes will get you started on the road to good makeup early on. A good reusable sponge for foundation, a powder brush, a blush brush and one eye shadow brush is a good place to start. You can always add to your collection as time progresses. Tip: Makeup brushes require weekly cleansing to avoid breakouts. Use a mild liquid soap mixed with some alcohol to cleanse and disinfect.
Start with neutral shades.
Starting with shades that compliment to pigmentation you naturally have already, makes for a soft yet polished look. Try a shimmer bronzer on your cheeks versus a bright blush, or pickup a palette of browns and bronze shades for your peepers. 

When shaping eyebrows with tweezers, avoid using a magnified mirror. 
For literal years, I plucked with a magnified mirror, I still wonder why my mother let me take tweezers and go to town on my eyebrows. It took me years to realize that plucking with a magnified mirror was ruining my face. When I look back on my pictures from 3 years ago, I can see a huge difference in my face and how far my brows have come. Tip: When grooming brows, brush upwards, trim straight across, and pluck hairs around. If you aren't confident you can shape your own brows, get them shaped by a pro then upkeep on your own.

Remove your makeup every night before bed. 
If you don't already have acne, not washing your face is a surefire way to develop it. Not doing so is a just going to muck up your face and cause some serious issues for your skin. Tip: Use an Oil-based eye makeup remover to remove stubborn mascara. Use a soaked cotton pad, set on eye for a second to desolve the makeup and then pull away gently. 

Don't venture into Sephora without a game plan.
If you are a makeup newbie and want to check out the wonderful world of Sephora, do not go in without a plan. Sephora is a wonderful place, but it can also be a living hell if your not sure what you want. I suggest you go on their website and see what's out there. Visit blogs to see reviews and what works best for others needs that may be similar to your own. Making a list of what you want and what the product does is also really helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for help! The associates may try to sell you more than you need so make it clear that your new at the makeup game and you just need a few basics for now.

Utilize Pinerest. If you don't already have a pinterest profile, go get one. There are thousands of pictorials, tutorials and tips for any makeup junkie. 
When your ready to step out of your comfort zone, take it one step at a time.
Now young Jedi, there will come a time in your makeup life, that you will want to try something different, more bold, more dramatic. This is all part of the process and feel free to step out of your comfort zone. But don't try putting on a new face all at once. Try starting off with a bright lip or maybe adding falsies into the mix. Starting small will not overwhelm you.

Have fun with makeup, without changing who you are. 
Makeup should only enhance the beauty you already possess. Don't wear makeup to change your features but rather to enhance them. Makeup is a fun tool to have at our fingertips, but with great power, comes great responsibility (LOL). Sit down and play with makeup, this will help you better understand and see what works for you!

Hope you find these tips helpful for your makeup journey. Let me know below, what some of your beginner makeup tips are.

Until next time...

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