April 12, 2015

A Downtown Oakville Adventure

Everything you want to know about Oakville's historical figures

Hello my chocolate chip cookies,

                 I hope your weekend was great, but now we are back to classic Monday. A day of needing that extra cup of coffee, of counting the hours till home time and the general Monday "blahs". Anyways, here in Canada, Our first month of spring has been...not so typical 'spring'. But today we got a really nice preview with our 19 Celsius degree weather. Being that it was so amazing out, we (My sister, my niece and I) took advantage and went for a stroll to downtown. This is defiantly a highlight if you come down to Oakville, Ontario. Lots of great little shops, coffee spots and the gorgeous lake front. Here are a few pictures from our day out. 

Oakville's "Downtown Core"

Entrance to Erchless Estates
Town Square Clock

Anthropologie: One of my favorite stores downtown. Super pricey but super cool
Erchless Manor and Oakville's Official Museum
The Oakville Pier
Always looking for a photo Op

Ofcourse I had to stop for a Java Chip a la Starbucks
View From Erchless Estates

Night falls and the lights start flickering
End of a great day
I hope you enjoyed exploring a bit of my favorite part of down. Until next time...


  1. Awesome pics! Looks like a fun time.

    1. Thanks Connor! I am trying, getting there slowly :)