March 28, 2012

Side Note- Glitter Bombs

Hi Guys,

         Me again! I'm back to offer a side note. A side note will be a new feature on the blog which will consist of random stuff that may come up between my longer posts. For instance, my side note for tonight is this: I purchased a new nail color from Sally Beauty Supply (Ya, I pretty much live there) tonight and I was just so excited that I had to share. It's a color from the China Glaze Prismatic Collection it's called Optical Illusion' . The reason I wanted to share this so much is because it give a full coverage glitter unlike many of it's counterparts where the glitter seems thick in the bottle but is barely there when you start painting your nails. Although the pics don't do the color justice, it is an amazing color. The best way to decribe it is that it looks like a mermaids fin. LOL Odd I know but when you see it, you'll know what I'm saying.


xoxox Sarah

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