March 27, 2012

A little sun...without...the sun...

Hi Beauty Queens,

         Hope you guys have been enjoying the nice sunny and warm weather the last little while. Although it has cooled off alot since last week, shortly (here's hoping) we will see the nice weather set in permanently. That means sun, and lots of it. Personally though, I envy all you guys out there that can tan like a boss, but unfortunately for moi, I a boss. I use 50 SPF which actually prevents a tan. But I want to look like all you beautiful tanned people too. So, I decided to give 'sunless' tanners a whirl. I picked up one called 'tanwise sunless tanning spray'. The word 'spray' is what sold me because I have tried tanning mitts and lotions but always end up with the streaky look (even after exfoliating). This spray runs for about $15 at your local Sally Beauty Supply. So, I was excited to see what my new 'tan' was going to look like. After showering and exfoliating (so very important not to skip this step) I sprayed it on my leg. To my surprise it came out grey! I found this shocking since I've never used a spray version. I had no choice but to spread it because it came out in beads. I tried my best to spread it evenly. It was a bit messy (I found it on my forearms the next day) but seemed even. I followed that with a moisturizer. Within an hour my legs looked fab! I was actually so impressed with how natural it looked. I had a bit of streakiness around my heels but for a beginner it wasn't bad. The second time I used it, I used gloves and it turned out much better.

So, the verdict? I would give this product 4 out of 5 stars. Although it was a tad messy, the coverage and color was good. The price was right and at the end out the day I had a tan! I think this product is good for beginners and for people that find it difficult to get a tan.

So, that's my review on 'tanwise sunless tanning spray'.

In other news, I painted my nails tonight, here is a photo:

The color I used was O.P.I's Do it on em' from the Nikki Minaj collection that came out a few months ago. I felt like if I wore springily colors that it would warm up outside :P Hopefully it works.

Do you have any summer time trends that might help the air get warmer? Hit up the comments.

Stay Fab loves,


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