November 30, 2013

Real Techniques Brush Review ♥

Hello Beauties,

      So, I just bought the Real Techniques Core Base Brush set and I thought I would a review for you guys. I purchased the core eye set a while back and I was obsessed. My mom also purchased the Core face set as well which she loves. So let's get on with it.
     First off, if you aren't familiar with the Real Techniques brushes, they are a makeup brush line designed by Samantha Chapman (of Youtube's Pixiwoo). If you aren't familiar with Samantha Chapman, she a makeup artist based in the UK. Her and her sister Nic have a youtube channel entitled Pixiwoo and they do makeup tutorials for pro's and armatures alike.

    The biggest thing about these brushes that I LOVE is how affordable they are. The core kits are a mere $18 CAD at Walmart. Considering that these brushes are some seriously good quality that is an amazing deal. I have a few Sephora brushes and none of them are as good as these bad boys. I was thrilled to find that these guys were even sold in Canada considering that Canada sucks when it comes to new beauty products. We usually get them months after the US gets them. Anyways, I was excited to see them a few months ago and ofcourse I needed a set.

So, How do I feel about them? These brushes are beyond affordable considering that professional brushes usually go for about $30 to start. They do sport synthetic bristles but they apply beautifly, ALSO when washed, they dry quickly and hold their shape. So far, I really love the Domed Shadow Brush. It applies shadow beautifly on the lid, brow bone and crease.

I also really like the Buffing Brush and Contour Brush. The Buffing Brush works great with foundations to help give a flawless finish to the skin without streaking. The bristles are nice and densely packed for getting your foundation melted into the skin nicely.  The Contouring Brush is awesome for exactly what the name implies, Contouring! The brush is small and dome shaped and when I say small I don't mean minuscule. I mean small enough to get under those cheek bones and along that jawline without looking like you rubbed dirt on your face. It really helps get that precise contouring down pat.

Another really awesome brush is the Deluxe Crease Brush. I am not going to lie, this was probably the brush I was most excited about. Even though this brush is technically a shadow brush, the Pixiwoo girls use this brush for a variety of things, one of which being buffing in concealer. When doing so, this brush give a great finish to the concealer and really buffs everything in nicely.

So are these brushes worth it? If you read through this review...then I shouldn't have to say this again...but I will. YESSS! They are worth every penny, I think they may even be worth more. I don't know why these Pixiwoo girls have short changed themselves with these awesome brushes but i hope they don't change. They are an affordable option for all you Pretty Paupers out there!

If you have any questions about these brushes or want to know about each one individually let me know below!

Until Next Time...

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