November 29, 2013

November Favorites ♥

Hello my Beauties,
       Hope you all had a fabulous day. My day was quite long and eventful as I worked at my day job. Anywho, in light of there only being a few more days left to the month, I thought I would share my November favorites with you guys. I thought I would do it in a categorized fashion. So, let's get this show on the road.

Facial Cleanser - Cetaphil for oily and ACNE prone skin
This has by far been my favorite cleanser for the last few months. It is a really light product that helps absorb all the access oils on your skin why giving you a deep clean. It is also hypo-allergenic for those of you with sensitive skin. I picked this up for around $7 CAD at Walmart.


Moisturizer- Clean & Clear Morning Burst Gel Moisturizer
Although I do love my cetaphil cleanser, products targeting oily or acne prone skin tends to be drying as well. I always, Click here to read my review.
always, ALWAYS follow up with a moisturizer. This one in particular is light and non-greasy. It has a light and clean scent. It also has soothing components like cucumber and mango extracts, so it makes your skin feel super fresh.

Foundation- L'oreal True Match 
I cannot say enough good things about this awesome foundation. The one thing I love about it is how light weight if feels on my skin. It makes me feel like I am not even wearing foundation. The formula is also super blendable. They came in a ton of shades with warm and cool tones. I have been trying a few different foundations over the last little while but this one seems the most consistent and the color is bang on. I usually switch between this one and my Revlon Colorstay. Click here to read my review.

Setting Powder- NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder
I have been in mad love with this beautifulness lately. I love this product, first off because it's translucent, and second because it really does smooth out the skin. It doesn't hurt that it's dirt cheap either. I usually apply this with the 'press and roll' technique of old Hollywood. This helps to minimize pores and give a smoother appearance to the skin.

Blush- Joe Fresh 'Pink'
This blush is just a gorgeous hot pink. This product is very pigmented and you only need a tiny bit to give off a load of color. The color goes nicely with my alabaster skin tone and makes me look flirty and flushed (That was uncomfortable lol).

Bronzer- Real Colors 'Pool Boy'
This bronzer is shimmery and light. Again, it works nicely with my alabaster skin tone and gives me some warmth.

Eyeshadow- Elf Palette in 'Brown?'
I am not really sure of the actual name of this palette, what I do know is this, I am in love with it. It is the best shadow palette that I own and this is a big dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but a fraction of the cost at a whopping $6 CAD. There a tons shades, with some shimmer and some matte. I do have my favorites but this whole palette is awesome.

Eyeliner- Lise Watier in 'Noir Brun'
I swiped this liner off my Mom like a million years ago and I have been in love recently. I have been having a brown eyeliner
moment because it makes my blue eyes pop. This one does not smudge and lasts forever on my eyes. I know this is a splurge product but it is a good product that won't disappoint.

Mascara- L'oreal Voluminous in 'Carbon Black'
This mascara a was a recommendation from my friend and makeup artist Nora. I have been searching for a mascara that does what this one does for what seems like forever. The formula is great and it really is super black. It gives length, fullness and lasts all day.

Lipstick- Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection in 103
This a great matte nude shade. It glides on nicely and doesn't leave your lips dried and cracked. I usually use this with a liner
a shade darker and blend inwards.

Well, that's it for this month my Loves. This was my first favourites blog post, what did you think? Should I do more? Lemme know Babelettes.

Until next time...

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