May 22, 2013

What Does This Comb Do? A List of Basic Combs and What Each One Does.

Hey Dolls,

        How is everyone doing on this fine hump day? Good I hope. Hump day is usually the light at the end of the tunnel when we realize that the weekend is near so that usually settles it as a 'happy' day. I had a big day and I must say I am exhausted! Yawn. But I am trying to be more consistent with my blog post so here I am, plugging through to write this blog post for y'all! ;)

So, let me set the mood for you. You walk into your favorite beauty supply store to grab a comb for your purse. You walk by tons of glorious nail polish and drool. Then comes the hair color and you find yourself thinking of what do color your hair next. Moving on you catch a whiff of a lovely smelling shampoo and then you finally hit the combs section. All you want is a small pocket comb but you are confronted with comb after comb and you have no idea what each one does. That's why I'm here! Here is a few of the most common combs and what each one does.

Wide Tooth Comb

 This comb can come with or without a handle and usually sports long quite spaced out teeth. These usually come in plastic and sometimes wood. This comb is usually used to free large loose tangles. Another common use is for distributing conditioners or other treatments through out the hair. Alot of people use this comb to detangle while in the shower or use it to comb through wet hair. This comb can be used on pretty much any hair type.


 This comb usually features two rows of teeth. The teeth are close together so that little hair gets through without detangling a knot. This kind of comb is usually used to detangle tighter knots and usually causes less damage. This comb is best used in wet hair in combination with a detangling spray. This comb is best used in thicker hair types.

Tail Comb or Rat Tail Comb

 This combs usually feature close together, fine teeth with a long tapered pick on the end. These combs are used to smooth and part hair when styling. The comb side can be used to smooth and tease hair. The pick is used for anything from parting hair to foil highlights. Some tail comes feature a metal pick for highlights. This comb can be used on all hair types.

Flipside Comb

This has to be goofiest looking comb around but this thing is a one-tool wonder. It features teeth used to tease, smooth and detangle. The end features a pick comb which can be made of either dipped metal or plastic prongs. This is the ultimate styling comb!

Pick Comb or Afro Pick 

 This comb features a large vertical handle with long downward teeth. These are usually made of plastic. A common misconception on these bad boys is that they are meant for Afro type hair styles. WRONG! These can be used to add height to anyone's hair.

Teasing Comb

 These combs can have many different features. Most have a long tapered pick similar to that of a tail comb. They sometimes feature three rows of teeth that can either be made of plastic or boar. Sometimes the teeth just vary in height. These are used to tease the hair and add volume. Any form of teasing can cause breakage so only use these on healthy, strong hair.

So, there you have it. Some basic comb types and what they do. There are many variations of each comb so they may look different than the ones shown above. I will post a brush directory in a few days so stay tuned. If you have any questions about any of the combs shown or have a question about a comb not shown please leave a comment below and I will try my very best to answer your request.  Thank you all for reading and see you soon!



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