May 15, 2013

Blog Name Change and My reason behind it

Hey Guys,

     Hope all of you beautiful people had a great hump day! We are officially 15 minutes from Thursday...Yay! Did you guys get a chance to read my last blog post about coconut oil? I have been using it and I will give you an update shortly! Anyways, if you haven't noticed already, the blog name has changed and I am not the Pretty Pauper rather than the Opinionated Beauty Queen. What is my reasoning behind it?

I have recently been on a budget, trying to save money and pay down some bills I have banging at my door. I have been avoiding Sephora like the plague! Their stuff is great, but their prices can be outrageous. I really want to focus on makeup and hair products for people like me who are on a budget but still want to look fabulous! That being said, I will still be splurging here and there and I will be sharing via my blog and youtube channel which will make the transition from the OBQ to the Pretty Pauper shortly! Thank you to all my loyal readers and see you all soon! XXO


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