May 27, 2013

My Experience-Review

Hey Dolls,

My First Free Pair of Glasses

      I am going to write a short review of this amazing website called Clearly Contacts. First off, I would like to say, I am not in anyway affiliated with the company Clearly Contacts. This is based upon my personal experience with the company. Now that, that is said and done, let's move on. I work a very part-time retail job and have absolutely no benefits which leaves me with cavities and no eye glass coverage either. I needed a new pair of glasses for sometime and decided to give Clearly Contacts a try. I had seen many commercials and it seemed too good to be true. There main claim was 'First Pair Free'. This ofcourse would seem like a scam but to my surprise after searching through a wide array of glasses both designer and generic, I found that after entering a special code that my frames and lenses were deducted from my bills. This left me with a $14 shipping and handling fee. I couldn't have been more thrilled. Let me explain a few more details before you jump on this site right now! First thing is first, most optical retails shops sell frames and lenses at a separate cost. Clearly Contacts includes the price of basic lenses in your total bill. The only time you pay extra for lenses if you choose specialty lenses, for instances, anti-glare or transitions. I personally just took the basics.

I loved the selection of classes I saw. There was page after page and they have even more recently added Ray Bands to their line up. Pretty impressive if you ask little ol' moi. My favorite brand thus far has been a brand called 'Love'. Almost all their frames feature cute little hearts on the frames. Super cute and I have purchased two pairs so far.

The ordering process is pretty general  but one thing got me. Most optometrist have no probably giving you a copy of your prescription but as a rule they do not give you a PD reading (pupil distance). This is something needed to get glasses so you must calculate it on your own. The website does feature a how-to video and I found Youtube pretty helpful as well. This would be my only con as it was a little complicated.

I have purchased two pairs of glasses since I first found out about this site and my first pair was indeed free (except shipping and handling) and my second pair was on sale for $38. I suggest signing up for their emails because they always have some great deals going on. (On Valentines Day, all the Love brand glasses were a mere $14!!!)

Alright, you can go get your free pair now...:) Your Welcome!

Please tell me about your experiences with Clearly Contacts!!! I would love to hear whether you loved it as much as I did.

Thanx for reading

Love Sarah

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