May 11, 2013

Coconut Oil Love

Hey Everyone,

           I know I have been MIA for a while and I am so sorry to all my subscribers and regular readers. Life has been exceptionally crazy this last little while but things have slowed down alot with work and such. My Dad was admitted into a long term care facility a while back and we have just been getting used to the idea and how to work our schedules around it and everything. Work was really crazy for a while but we hired a second worker and now my hours got sliced in half so I have a bit more time on my hands.

          Anyways, enough with my babbling and on to Coconut Oil. I have heard countless good things about this "miracle" oil through pinterest, television and other sources so I obviously needed to try it for myself. I went to a bulk store near my work and picked it up for about $7 CAD. Some of the claimed presented are:

-Hair Growth
-Skin Care
-Weight Management

These are the three categories with subcategories ranging from long hair  to moisturized hair, Blemish Control to eye makeup remover, Speeding metabolism to diabetes management. I only purchased the oil yesterday so I haven't really been able to give it a good try as of yet but I did get a chance to test a few things.

Last night I washed my hair but skipped the conditioner, then after towel drying my hair I took some of the solidified oil in my hand and ran it through my hair, scalp to end. After I was done distrubing the oil I wrapped my hair in a turban towel. Left it in for about an hour while I watched tv. I rinsed it out without shampoo before hitting the sack. When  I woke up my hair was a hot mess let me tell you. The oil was still clinging to my hair as in it looked wet. So, I jumped in the shower and washed with shampoo and it came out clean. My hair does seem alot shiner and lusty. I mainly bought it for the hair growth claims so I will let you know. I plan on doing things a bit differently next time though. Perhaps not washing my hair, putting the oil in and then washing it out with shampoo in the morning. This may work a bit better.

Another claim I was reading last night was that it can heal and prevent cavities. Now I do not have dental benefits and I will try anything to help me avoid going to the dentist. I know I have a few cavities and some bad ones that need to be pulled but I can't afford any extractions right now so I will try whatever I can. Anywho, I decided to do a dental pulling which basically consisted of my swishing melted coconut oil around my mouth for 10 minutes, spitting and then rinsing. I haven;t noticed the benefits yet because I have only attempted this once but I do plan on doing this atleast twice a week so we shall see what result come on it. So, far that is all I have had a chance to try but I will try some other stuff too and write an update blog in a few weeks. :)

Please give me any tips and tricks you may have involving coconut oil!

P.S- This stuff taste great and very pure. Make sure you get virgin coconut oil this stuff can be used for cooking and baking along with your beauty needs! Double Wammy! Also, Please take a moment to answer my poll about what you use coconut oil for! D Thanks in advance.

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