September 02, 2012

Bath and Body Works haul and more...

Hey hey everyone,

        Hope everyone's long weekend is off to a smashing start. What I love about the long weekend is that your like, 'dang! it's Sunday already. Oh, Wait! There's still Monday left!.' What have I been up to, you ask? Well, Last night I caught up with a local Ribfest (which was a-freakin-mazing), today I cleaned my car and went shopping, and tomorrow, I'm hitting up the beach. Yes, summer is almost done and it's gotta go out with a bang. Now, when I say 'bang' I mean 'spend all your money and don't give two-well you know the rest, a le Nicki Minaj. Yes, I have been burning bills like it's going outta style. This is bad when, well, it's all the money that you have until your next check.

       In light of such things, I wanted to share with you my haul, which consist of everything from, candles to jewellery. Let me begin with my most recent haul, which was my bath and body works haul that happened today. On the left you will get a glimpse of my haul. Ta-da! isn't it gorgeous?! And it smells amazeballs. I wanted to do a vlog post about my haul but doing vlogs is alot of work. You gotta look perfect and everything. This way I can look like a hot mess and still show you guys the goods. I going to list all of the stuff and describe it. Let's begin ladies and lads.

Bubble bath (Lavender Vanilla) $5 on sale- This is a bedtime bubble bath and I bought it at the last minute because i noticed it was only $5 (normally $15). I guess you could say it was an 'mpulse buy.' I am super excited to try it.

Concentrated Room Spray (Marshmallow Fireside) $5- It's only 1.5 oz but one spray fills the room. My bedroom is right above my neighbors kitchen, so I get there nasty food smells sometimes (fish is the worst, bleeek!). This caught my attention for that reason. The smell also made an impact. It really smells like an ashy, fiery smell and it has a hint of marshmallow sweetness. Yum! My room smells fab.

Mini scented candles (Cafe au lait, Sweet Macaron, French baguette) 3 for $6- These guys are too perfect. They are small enough to pic several scents and i honestly couldnt choose just one. The cafe au lait smells has a cinnamony, coffee-ish, vanilla scent. The Sweet Macaron has a vanilla berry scent and the french baguette smells like a sweet buttery bakery (if you can imagine).

Mini body lotion (Malibu heat) $2.50 on sale - This little lotion was regularly $5 and I got it for half price. It has a flowery light scent that's perfect for the beach. I was in love the moments I sniffed. aaaaahhhh...:)

My Favorite Product of the haul. Scented candle (Summer Boardwalk) $6.25 on sale - This guy is amazing. I don't even know how to describe the scent. It's like funnel cakes, sea spray and sun mixed into a candle. So fantastic. I look forward to setting this candle ablaze.

Now, all of that goodness came together at the grand total of $31.36. Not to shabby!

Next up...

Every year in Toronto we  have a thing called the Canadian International Exhibition. Basically, it's a national fair with shopping, food, a midway and shows. It's pretty much the highlight of my summer. They usually have a makeup booth with a ton of discounted drugstore makeup. I spent so little that I thought I'd share.

-NY.C eyeshadow palette for blue eyes
-Rimmel Scandleyes mascara in extreme black
w/ free black eyeliner
- Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder
- Rimmel sparkle it up eyeliner in purple

All of this came to a grand total of $11.30. Yeeeeuuuus! It was pretty amazing. The Ex is only on until tomorrow so if your in the T.O area, go check it out!

And Finally...

The is another local traditn that I have called the Ribfest. It basically a giant bbq. There are about 20 vender's who prepare ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. You vote and there is a winner crowned. The food is amazing. But the shopping is even better. I picked up an adorable Pandora bracelet for $30.
The price included 7 charms. These are the ones I got.

Fleur-de-lis- Mainly because it's a french symbol and I'm in love with France, like IN LOVE!

Martini- Doesn't speak for it's self?

Cat- I am a self proclaimed 'cat lady'. I have two.

Vanity- Well, if your going to  call yourself a 'beauty queen' wouldn't a vanity be vital?

Anchor- I have always had a fascination with anchors. Mainly because they rep sailors and pirates which I'm kinda obsessed with.

Starfish- Again, something to do with my sea fascination.

Eiffel Tower -Did I mention I was in love with France? :P

Well ladies and gents, That's my haul. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks again for reading.

Lots o' Love



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