September 13, 2012

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Hey everyone.

     This is just a super quick post about a homemade makeup brush holder I made and it literally cost $3 to make. I was sick of having all my brushes floating around in my makeup bag. I couldn't find the ones I needed and I would lose them too. I decided to throw together a quick and cheap holder similar to the ones they have at Sephora. I basically bought a cheap vase from the dollar store and bought a cheap bag of clear acrylic vase filler. It's as simple as tearing open the bag of filler and pouring it into the vase and voila! You get this...

It's nothing special but it sure does make it easier to organize my makeup bag. Easiest thing I've ever made.
In other news...
Decided to get artsy with my nail polish the other night and came up with this...
Pulse nails!!!!! I saw a pic of similar nails on Pinterest and thought I'd try. Anywho, that's my mini post.

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