September 18, 2012

What hair removal method is best for you?

peach fuzz? A slight 'stache'? A stray wirey hair taking up residence on your chin? Porcupine legs? Common ladies, we all have atleast one of the above. So, what is the best way to remove certain types of hair? Well, tonight, in this post, I'm going to give you a quick run down of different types of body/facial hair and what are the best ways to remove it.

Upper Lip
In my personal opinion, this is the most unsightly of the body hair. What do you notice first about some? Their face! Who wants someone zeroing in on their mustache. Mustaches are for men period. And even then, I draw a fine line. This hair is usually very faint but can be really stubborn to remove.
Best way to remove it? In my experience with anything from hard/soft wax to sugaring, I think the best way to go is a removal cream.  It is virtually painless, last about a month (depending on your hairs speed of growth) and leaves few, if any, strays. A word to the wise; Use this with caution. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. I didn't the first time I used it and ended up with an acid burn.

Peach Fuzz (Appearing on chin, cheeks and forehead)
These little light hairs are usually only visible in harsh lighting such as the sun. I dislike this hair personally because it will shock me when I looking my car mirror. It's just a personal dislike, I rarely notice other peoples peach fuzz.
Best way to remove it? I usually remove this hair by using a eyebrow trimming razor. These are little razors used for shaping eyebrows. They are sold at most beauty supply stores for around $6 for 3. They are also useful to keep in your makeup bag to trim those stray eyebrow hairs.

Other wirey facial hair
I don't personally have many of these but my mother does (we can never tell her we know). These hairs usually start showing up as we age. They are coarse wirey hairs that can appear on the chin, lip, nose, ears and cheeks. Eeeew!
Best way to remove it? I say tweezing. Since there are usually only about one or two of these kinds of hairs it isn't worth waxing and since your removing the hair from the root, it will stay smooth longer.

Leg and arm hair
This hair is usually more coarse and visible. This is kind of hair you want to get rid of during the summer time since you are more likely to wear shorts and skirts.
Best way to remove it? I would say for arms that's waxing is best. For legs I prefer shaving. I have a low pain tolerance and would rather avoid waxing my legs. I have heard reports that waxing does last quite longer and that it comes back less prickly.

The much dreaded Bikini area
This is a very intimate area that most people visit professionals to get groomed. This actually terrifies me so I have therefore never gotten a bikini wax. I have heard that it an excellent way to groom this area and that it is very painful. So, painful in fact, that alot of salons suggest taking some sort of painkilling medication before your procedure. Ouuuuchhhh!
Best way to remove the hair? I suggest waxing, only because it seems to be the most effective way to go about removing this hair. If you want to opt for something else, i suggest a removal cream because it will have the same results as shaving without the razor bumps. A note of caution: If you plan on waxing at home, I suggest that you get it done professionally the first time around because that way you know your skins sensitivity level and such. Also, if you plan on going to a salon for the first time, make sure you do your research on the salons cleanliness. This is a personal area to get waxed and you want to make sure you wont catch any sort of infection.

Well Ladies, are you ready to be as hairless as a chiwawa? Hope these tips help with your hair removal process. Talk to you soon!

P.s- These are only my personal views. Hair removal is based on your own preferences and these are mine. I do not impose individuals preferences.

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