April 29, 2012

Cool Wax Review

So, here is a question for all you lovely ladies. Have you ever pulled down the sun visor in your car, popped open the mirror and wondered why the heck you left the house looking that way? Oh! And when you in direct sunlight it's 10x worse! Well, when this happens to me, I usually see all my tiny baby 'stache' hairs. :| Gross right? Yeah, it's pretty hideous. I have been in search of something easy and affordable to wax my upper lip and chin. I don't want to invest in a wax warmer and crap if I'm only going to use it for my facial hair. Most of the time when I want something for facial hair it's all about hard waxes. And Hard waxes, let me tell ya, is the worst thing I have EVER used! It's messy and it hurts like a...well, you know. I find it breaks in little pieces and you have to rip each little piece off. I may as well pluck. There is also sugaring, which I haven't used. I'd like to try it, but it tends to be a little out of my price range. I came across this product called Cool Wax at my local Sally Beauty Supply. It requires no heating, it claimed to be easy and it wasn't (obviously) hard wax! It sounded pretty good. The wax it's self is about 8 bucks. It's not very big so it's perfect for facial hair. I had to buy the strips separately. For 25 full-sized strips and 10 spatulas it was about 5ish bucks. It came in a lavender scent and a cucumber scent. I chose the lavender scent because lavender is notorious for calming (which is beneficial when waxing lol). I had a good amount of facial hair (For any gents reading this, I'm sorry you had to see that. But we ladies get facial hair too). I opened the puck and right away I knew it was going to be a bit messy to work with. I dipped my spatula in and spread it on the area to be waxed. I took my pre-cut strip and popped it over the wax. After rubbing the strip a few times, I braced myself and ripped. So did it work? No! Not one hair! I then placed the strip on again. Rubbed and ripped. This time pulling much faster. This time I got a few. By the 3rd try, I had gotten it off. Although my skin was red and stinging a bit. It didn't get the peach fuzz, which isn't what bothers me about my upper lip anyways. So what's the final verdict? It wasn't horrible, which means I didn't hate it enough to return it. It's also water-soluble so it was easy to clean up. Would I buy it again? Probably not. It got the hairs off, but not enough to my liking. Would I recommend it to a friend? I doubt it. If your interested in trying the cool wax anyways, you can pick it up at Sally Beauty Supply.

I think at the end of the day, I need to invest in a wax pot and start waxing more body parts. Ha ha!
Do you guys have any other suggestions as far as waxing is concerned? Have you found an easy and afford solution to your hair situation? Hit up the comments Beauty Queens.

xoxo Sarah


  1. I just got the large kit (6oz of every scent) for some upcoming travel. I tried it on the back of my hands (I'm a male estie), all the hair came up. So I decided to use it on eyebrows. On the 5th set of brows is when cool-wax let me down. I had to go over with hard, then soft wax for clean up and then tweezers. I've come to somewhat of a conclusion, it doesn't work as well on very coarse hair, fitz. 6 I'll give it another try, if not, I've only opened one.

    1. Thanks for the feedback William! I used it on my upper lip the first time (fine hair) and it didn't do anything. I was so disappointed. I had high hopes for this product. Thank you for reading! :) XXO