April 22, 2012

Goodbye Sock Monkeys, Hello Sock Buns =D

Trend alert! See that sock monkey sitting on your bed? Well grab a pair of scissors because you may need to do some surgery. I mean, if you don't wear socks and have absolutely none laying around the house. If you do, then Stinky (the monkey) will not need to have the surgery after all. This is the summer trend to watch for. I spotted this on a website I was checking out and had to give it a try. My hair is just past my shoulders, so when I want to do a bun you can imagine how skimpy it is. This trend adds va-va-voom volume to your bun. I added a cute scarf around it and it really gave it an urban feel.  Here is a video about how to create your sock bun base:


Seems pretty easy right? I thought it was going to be alot more complicated than I anticipated but it was actually easy-peasy lemon squeezy! Here are written instructions on how to achieve the 'sock bun'.

  1. Put your hair in a pony tail. Make sure you position the pony properly because that is where your bun will sit, once you have it in a bun you won't able to re-position it.
  2. Take your rolled up sock (or if your cheating, your bun former) and place it over your pony.
  3. Slide the rolled up sock to almost the end of the pony.
  4. Begin rolling the sock base down your pony while rolling your hair with it as you go.
  5. Continue rolling until it's rolled down to your head and the secure with a hair elastic.
  6. Pin any loose pieces to create a smooth bun.
  7. Add accents such as a flower or a scarf if you desire
There! You've just created a sock bun.

Hope this trend works for you. What do you think of the sock bun trend? Would you use a sock or just go with a bun former? What funky accessory would you add? Let me know...



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