June 01, 2012

Sidenote: Cure for the summertime blues

Hey Beach babes,

          Well it's Friday ladies and that means the weekend is at our fingertips. That could spell BBQ with the family, shopping, cleaning and for some it could mean going to the beach. Isn't it lovely to lay out your towel in the warm sand and just laying there doing absolutely nothing? How can you be blue when you just get to soak up the sun all day? Sometimes life has you down and you just need to do something for yourself. For some of us who may not get a chance to go the beach this weekend and have to work, the summer can be cruel. To brighten up a Beauty Queens mood all you need to give her is some bright polish. In light of this conversation I went out and bought a new China glaze color from the 'Summer Neon' collection called 'Flirty Tankini'. It's a really fun pink with a pearly look to it. I fell madly in love when I saw it. Here are a few pics of my nails:

The pics make the color look orange but it is defiantly pink! :P You can pick this color and a ton of others at Sally Beauty Supply. Happy June everyone and have a great weekend!


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