June 16, 2012

So Gorgeous Dry Shampoo Review

Hey Beauty Queens,

It's Saturday night I have no plans for the evening. I wish I had some excited escapades to relate but life has been pretty dull the last little while. Life sometimes hits a dull moment and you have to find something to make your life exciting. Right now the only excitement I have had is pinning on pinterest. He He! That website is so addicting, it's like creative crack. I am pretty much in love. So far, I have turned my flared jeans into skinny jeans and an old t-shirt into a tank top. There are a ton of other projects I want to try but just need to find an empty day to fill with creative juices. Sometimes, when looking on pinterest, I wonder why we bother spending money on these things that you could easily make on your own for half the cost. It's actually pretty crazy.

Sorry for the rambling, I just needed to throw that out there. Anyways, on to my review. About a week ago I received a sample of a new dry shampoo from work called SO gorgeous - volume renewing dry shampoo. The name So Gorgeous is a comparable version of Big Sexy Hair. The deep cherry red bottle spells va-va-voom but did the product deliver the va-va or the voom? Well, let me explain first about what the product claims to achieve. The claim is: A clear, non-powdery, volumizing dry shampoo that will help absorb excess oil and deliver a clean scent. One thing I think I need to clear up about dry shampoo is that it DOES NOT replace your daily, bi-daily or weekly shampooing. I view it as a clean illusion for those moments when you don't have time to shower and your just about the run out the door. A quick spritz helps to absorb the oils and make the hair look clean or at the very least not greasy. It's a good summer beauty product because when you sweat your oil glands tend to let loose causing the scalp to get greasy faster. Another really good use for dry shampoo is to help prolong hair color vibrancy. When I had red hair, I used dry shampoo to avoid having to wash my hair as often. Red is the kind of color that loses vibrancy quickly so, the more you wash the more you lose the color. But I did not replace washing my hair with dry shampoo, if my hair was dirty, I would wash it. But it helped me get away with "greasy" hair longer.

Anywho, so the first time I used the dry shampoo I noticed one thing right off the bat. First, let's have a flashback to when I said their claim was that it was clear and non-powdery. You can imagine my disappointment when it was NOT clear. I sprayed it and suddenly, I had white hair. Even spraying from a distance didn't change the fact that my hair was snow white (exaggeration).

That being said, this dry shampoo did everything a dry shampoo should do. It absorbed the oils and left my hair in berry scented bliss. I think the one suggestion I would have would be to take out your blow dryer and cold shot your hair on a low setting to disperse the white powder. Other than that, I love this dry shampoo and know that you will too. You can pick it up, along with tons of other dry shampoos, at your local Sally Beauty Supply.

Now, do you have any dry shampoos that you swear by? Maybe one's with better scents? Or ones that fulfill their every claim? Hit up the comments and let me know.

xoxox Sarah

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