July 04, 2015

Response: The Power of Makeup

Hello Friends,

          I know my blog posts have been a bit on the wordsy side recently, But there has just been so many great topics to cover lately. Today we are discussing a controversial issue which is makeup and why woman wear it. Is it insecurity? Today I cover my thoughts on the matter. Let's begin, shall we?

          A few month back, a well known Youtuber by the username nikkitutorials posted a video where she did half her face with full-blown makeup and the other half of her face she kept naked. The reasoning behind this video was to show makeup can enhance your beauty vs. cover all the things you don't like about yourself. She did this mostly to address haters who claimed she just didn't care for her own looks and resorted to makeup to cover up her face.

I think opinions come in all shapes and sizes. Some woman who aren't makeup lovers throw their opinion around like it matters what they think. I think of you can walk around without makeup and feel freaking fabulous, then good for you. Not all of us can or will do that. I have heard girls who say thinks like,
"I don't know why that girl wears so much makeup!"
"I don't know why that girl has to get a fake tan"
Like, why do you care Honey? She is her own person, as are you. Why do you care what someone else is doing. If you can pull off the au naturel look, be my guest! But why do you care so much about what the other girl is doing?

         Makeup, in my opinion, is art. This form of art helps to enhance the beauty you already possess.  I am a firm believer in makeup and I have an Alex 9-drawer full of makeup to prove it. For me though, I think I tend to gravitate towards makeup that will enhance what I naturally have. I am all about neutrals, colors that enhance my blue eyes, lip colors that make my lips look more pigmented. That is what I personally move towards. I love when someone has flawless natural makeup on. Makeup that takes their natural features to the next level.

          My skin has suffered my whole life and acne scars are rampant. Therefore, I always use foundation and concealer. Alot of people feel like this is like wearing a mask and I have to somewhat agree. I think it is a mask but a good mask, a mask that filters the things that make me uncomfortable and insecure. I have had several people tell me that the reason I wear so much makeup and take so many selfies is because I am insecure and that I seek attention. *Game show buzzer sound* Wrong!! I wear makeup because I quite enjoy the look it gives me and I usually take a selfie because I look dang great that day and I am not ashamed to post it. I think for someone to even say that is a sign of their own insecurity and sadly, that isn't something I can fix.

Like I said, makeup is an art. If it is something you enjoy, then work on your craft and stun the world with what you can do. As someone who lives a lifestyle that most people find weird and "old-fashioned" I say that you can't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Don't be afraid to show the world that you love makeup, false lashes and all. But don't let makeup change who you are as a person. Always stay true to You. 

So, what are your views on makeup? Do you wear makeup? Or do you go au naturel? 
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I wear make-up to cover the imperfections also because it would look like I didn't have eyes if I didn't wear eyeliner lol

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  3. Hi Sarah, I agree with you! I love wearing make-up and I look at it as a way to accentuate my features. I like how you said that if you are someone who does not feel that you need make up to feel fabulous, then good for you because we shouldn't have the opinion that one is better than the other. It is a choice. I do not believe people who wear makeup at insecure, I also think of applying makeup as a form of art because I see my face as a blank canvas when I begin, then I love to put on the make up and see how it flatters my features. I loved your post! Merry Christmas all the best to you and your family :)