January 07, 2015

Rant:Over-Confidence or Insercurities?

Hello Everyone,
          Yet again, sorry about being MIA. Life continues to throw stones at us but so far I am still swinging a bat. I just want to give you a bit of an update on the blog and what is coming. As mentioned in a previous blog post which I will link here, I have decided to turn this blog from a beauty blog into a lifestyle blog. What exactly is a Lifestyle blog you ask? Well, I won't be as focused on beauty. I want to revolve around alot of different things such as home decor, fashion, food and sensitive subjects. Ofcourse, I will still talk alot about makeup but I want to be able to cater to everyone. Also, I have another announcement. In a few days time I will be yet again changing the name of my blog. I am changing it to reflect a more personal value that I feel like this needs. Some of you may be extremely stumped by the new title but I will explain when I reveal the new name.

       Moving on to today's post, while pinning recently, I came across a quote that really stuck out to me. It was so simple. As you probably know, it is the picture posted and it begs the question, if someone brags about the way someone speaks of them or how amazing they look, are they over-confident or are they just plain insecure? This is something that is very near and dear to me, because through out my life I have had many who have stumped me on this question. Growing up insecure with who I am, I often thought people who bragged about themselves we just very confident and I almost wanted to be them. But as I grew up and my personal confidence began to grow, I realized things. I post alot of selfies, as many of you may know if you follow me on instagram. Alot of people seem to think that I am insecure with myself because I post so many. I have sat down, mind-boggled, thinking that maybe they were right.I'd think: I do like my makeup in this picture, and the filter makes my skin look flawless and my eyes look crystal blue. I had to come to the conclusion that posting selfies doesn't make me insecure.

     On the other end of the scenario, there are people I know who brag about how beautiful, fit and young they look. They brag about pick-ups, hook ups and how everyone is in love with them. They also make you feel like you aren't any of those things and that you need to change. They don't encourage you to love the skin your in, but rather, they want to rip you to shreds. Why? Well, here is my theory, I am plus sized, to some, fat, chubby, thick, meaty, large, whatever you want to call me. But I am truly okay with where I am at. Unless I feel like my health is at risk (which I don't) then I am good. People who have it all, always want more, they will never be happy unless someone else wants to be them. And when they see that I have no desire to be them, they wonder why, what is wrong with them? nothing! I just don't need to be you to be happy. So, yes, I believe that those people, are insecure, not over-confident, plain, old fashioned, insecure. So, yes, I take alot of selfies. Am I insecure? No. I just like how crystal blue my eyes look with this filter. Do I have my insecure moments? Absolutely! Who doesn't? But I am not a star shining a bright as I can while still wishing to be as bright as the sun. I am happy and no, I most certainly do not want or need to be like you. You be you. I'll be me.

   I hope this rant made sense and I hope you can all relate. Thank you if you stayed till the end.
Until next time...

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