January 13, 2015

Current Netflix Obsession: Downton Abbey

Good Evening! Hope you are all having a fantastical night. I want to let you all in on a recent guilty pleasure of mine. A little show called Downton Abbey. I am pretty sure I am the last person on the planet to start watching this show and it has already had a full 4 seasons. Anyhow, after hearing nothing but good things about this show and also knowing that it was a period drama, I finally caved and started the series. I have to be honest in saying that I was very surprised that the show is so popular. Not because it is a bad show but rather because it is such a clean show. There is not much cursing/swearing, if any. The sexual content is low and it has nothing to do with vamps. So, why is Downton Abbey so popular and why does it have such a following? Two words, Maggie Smith lol. Yes, this legendary actress has this show by its nuggets. Although her part is meanial, she gives the show the edge it needs. I rarely find myself grinning so much as when something witty slips out of Lady Violets mouth.

Aside from the great Maggie Smith, this show has some pungent story lines, dripping with a ton of drama. But not teenaged drama or whiney drama. It has a dose of more realistic (for the period) drama that is more relatable.

As far as ships go, this show has too many to count. Great chemisry between the actors. By the way, did I mention how amaze these british actors are? Sheerly brilliant! A great cast of actors who fill their characters shoes well.

I am only on season 2 but so far, so good.  I am pleased with the series as a whole. If you like period dramas, then this is for you.

Get on netflix now and watch this show if you have not already.


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