December 17, 2013

Lush Cupcake Fresh Mask Review ♥

Hello Beautiful People,

          I was sitting around thinking about how I needed to write a post for you guys and I thought I would write a review on one of my new addictions, the Lush Cupcake Mask. So, shall we....

          First off, lets discuss the claims of this mask. This is a mask specially designed for oily, acne prone skin (in store they describe it as 'Teenaged Skin'). This mask contains, spearmint oil, vanilla absolute, Rhassoul mud and cocoa. This mask claims to calm, deep clean and prevent acne.

         Don't let the name of this mask fool you my friends. It does not smell ANYTHING like a cupcake. As this mask gets older, it actually smells worse. I think the smell is vomit-worthy in my opinion. This is a fresh mask which means it is made on premises, which means, it needs to stay refrigerated and it expires after 14 mere days. This mask is available in a 60g tub for around $7 CAD.

       So, was the smell and the fact that it expires worth it? Yes, yes and YES! I have horrible skin, I have large pores, acne scaring, acne and it freaks on me 80% of the time. For the first time EVER in my life, I have been told I have nice skin. This is a miracle! I actually looked back in shock at the first person who told me this. I had to do a circle check to make sure there wasn't someone else behind me. This stuff cleared up my acne and reduced my redness. I felt super confident with this product in my fridge. I did use this product after expiry and I will be honest in saying that the smell got 10x worse and the product lost effectiveness. This 60g tub looked small but I had more than enough left after 2 weeks.  I will most defiantly be repurchasing this product. I think it is worth every penny and if you suffer from acne then this is the mask for you!

I say go buy this and if you do not have oily or acne prone skin then pick up another fresh mask from Lush :)

Until next time...

* I am not paid or sponsored by this company. I never exchanged my views for money. This is stickly my personal opinion and does not reflect that of this company.

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