December 10, 2013

Deep & Romantic Makeup Look ♥

Hello Beauties,

           Welcome to tonight post and get ready to get deep and romantic. Around this time of year people usually have parties and gathering to go to and want a pretty and season appropriate look. This look combines reds, golds and browns on the eyes and a deep dark lip pairing. This look will suit anyone in my opinion. This look can also work for someone who doesn't like wearing alot of makeup because the look doesn't incorporate black harsh liners, instead it sports soft brown edges with a black mascara that helps the eyes stand out. Wanna know how I did it? Let's begin...

For the skin, flawless is best. I used a full coverage foundation and concealed under my eyes. I did not use too much cheek color because this looks works best on pale flawless skin. I did do a bit of contouring but nothing too hardcore.

For the eyes I used a total of 3 eye shadow shades. A metallic burgundy (Maybeline Color Tattoos in Pomegranate Punk), a gold (Real colors) and a cream shade (From my brown E.L.F palette). Also, I used a metallic brown eyeliner (Essense in Teddy Bear). And Finally a black mascara (L'oreal Voluminous)
-I begun this look by taking my burgundy on a small shading brush and applying just to the lid. I tried to create a wing shape towards the outer corners. Take this under the bottom lash line aswell
-Taking a clean blending brush, I softened the edges without completely blending the edges away
-Taking the gold shadow on a pencil brush, I make a triangular shape on the outer corners and blend to soften edges
-Taking a clean fluffy brush and your cream colored shadow, blend up into brow bone and blend into other shadow. Do this until you are satisfied with the blending.
-Take your eyeliner and line upper and low lash line
-Going back to the shading brush, smudge the line a bit to give it a softer look
-Line water line, curl lashes and apply mascara
To step this look up a bit I added falsies but that is completely up to your preference

As for lips, I used a deep lipstick but you can also go nude. I used Malani Lipstick in Sangria. I like to blot this lipstick to make it appear as more of a stain. I personally think the deep lipstick adds to romance of this look but if you don't like dark lipsticks then opt for a nude or lighter red shade.

I really like how dark and sultry this look is and it is great for the colder tempts. This look is great for a sexy updo or even some romantic curls.

I hope y'all enjoyed this look and will attempt to recreate it for all your winter events.

Until next time...

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