November 25, 2012

Beauty Secret: Tight-lining

Hey Beauty Queens,

               I'm sorry I haven't done much actual 'Blogging' lately because I have been 'vlogging' alot on my Youtube Channel. If you haven't seen my Youtube page yet, then you need to check it out! :D

              Tonight I am going to give you a beauty secret called 'tight-lining'. If you know what it is, then that is awesome and you know how important it is. If not, then your in for a treat. So, lets get started!

               In order to tight-line, you will need:
  • A pencil eyeliner closest to the shade the you lined your eyes with
  • a Steady hand
So, what exactly is tight-lining you ask? Well, basically it is lining your top waterline. This makes a huge difference in how your finished eye looks. Have you ever lined your eyes only to notice that you can still see flesh colored flecks in between your last line? Well, tight-lining helps to give your eyes that super solid black look and it also helps your lashes to appear more full.

I usually look up at the sky to perform this maneuver, and you will want your pencil to be on the dull side because you don't want to poke your eyeball. So look up and , in small strokes, line the top waterline. I attempted to take a before and after shot but none of the pictures were doing the look justice. Just try it for yourself to see the difference!

That's my little beauty secret! Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Bye guys!




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