July 14, 2012

Underwater Phobia

Okay, so this post doesn't have to do with beauty per say but i really wanted to post about it because i want to find an accurate name for it and wanted to see if there was anyone else out there like me, or if I'm just a good ol' fashioned freak.

I searched on Google for everything regarding this type of phobia. Although there were people with similar fears, no one had one that was as specific as mine. So, let me begin. I'm going to give you a scenario.

So it's warm, sunny and breezy and you feel like it would be ashamed not to spend the day doing something fun. So, after much deliberation, you decide to go to the zoo for the day. As you walk around and have a great day, seeing all the animals frolicking and having a fun time in the sun, you finally come to the polar bears. You enjoy watching them spin and swirl in the water. Floating on there backs and looking up at you. You are enjoying the view from the top, when your friends suggests that you all go down under to the observation windows. You heart drops into your stomach and you let out a gulp. You take a deep breathe and follow your friends as they make their way down the tunnel. As you get deeper, you see the corner of a window and a deep jelly-like aqua blue backdrop. Your stomach does acrobatics and you can barely catch your breathe. As you keep walking you see a giant, white, marshmallow-like object floating in the water. You realize that it's the polar bear. You try to stay calm and continue to take those deep, controlled breathes. But as you continue to walk, you see more blue and suddenly, you turn and make a bee line for the exit.

Someone, please tell me that you know what I'm talking about! Every year, since i can remember, I have never been able to handle the observation tanks at the zoo. I remember as a kid, sitting in the stroller and hiding my face behind the mesh siding of my stroller when my mom would wheel me down in the tunnel. I still get the same feeling today. Oh, and it's not only the polar bear tanks. Anything at the zoo, where you have to observe something underwater, kinda freaks me out.

When I searched this phobia, alot of people said that they have a fear of lakes and not being able to see what's underneath you. I totally agree, but I am not afraid of lakes in general. One year when I went camping, my friends and i decided to swim out the the dock. i was fine getting there but after i jumped on the dock and looked around it, things got sticky. I saw that the water all around me was too murky to see what what below us. There had to have been about 15 feet of water underneath us. Swimming back was like i was competing in the Olympics. I couldn't get back fast enough for fear that a giant sea turtle was going to sneak up in the murky water and bite my toes off. (you could imagine if 'i was in Lake Lockness, that's when the Lockness Monster would decide to appear).

It's funny, because movies like Finding Nemo, have no affect on me. Mind you, it is a cartoon, but some of that stuff is very realistic. I can't deal with movies where they show half water and half surface. Like when a guy is swimming and you'll see water and then a line of surface? Yeah, freaky!

Anyways, someone, please tell me you know what I'm talking about! And Tell me if there is a name for it. That way, when I tell my friends that I can't walk down the tunnel, at least I'll have a cool name for my "problem".

Love Sarah

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