March 19, 2015

Nail Polish Selections for Spring 2015


      Happy Thursday everyone! Almost Friday! Yaaaaay! So, today Im going to sharing some of my favorite nail polishes for the time being.

As spring approaches, I feel like I need to get more into a softer and more femine color scheme but also keeping some of the edgyiness that goes with the winter months. Here in the Great White North, we dont really get a real deal spring. Its more of a jubble of days that range from 10C to about -3C. So it can really go all over the place. I feel like that is why I like to still have that edgy yet soft nail that can work on both sides of the thermostat. I have been into nuetrals as of late and here are some of my picks. I have not swatched them but they will be pinned to my pinterest board soon for swatches.

· Essie - Chinchilly (a light mauvey gray) Seen in picture.

· O.P.I - Tickle my France-y (A nude toned pink)

· O.P.I - Funny Bunny (a milky sheer white that can be build for a more opaque finish)

· China Glaze - Below Deck (Mid-toned mauvey gray)

Thanks for reading loves. Let me know below what some of your spring favorites are!!!

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